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    For our clients we take care of processes in sales, service, support, human resources, training, health market and back office. We increase efficiency and improve quality.

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    SELLBYTEL is everywhere.

    With more than 8,500 employees and 63 locations worldwide, we are where you need us, when you need us. Diversity and our employees are our key to success.

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    You tell us what you need us for. Our experts will take care of the solution. Quickly, efficiently – with our entire know-how.


  • “Within one night, we successfully migrated the complete technical helpdesk. Why successful? Nobody noticed.”

    Michael. Technical Support Specialist,


    Technical support without gobbeldygook.

    Read how we do it in Michael’s case.

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    Do you put your all into your job?

    We want to work with people like you.

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  • “In my role as a fashion customer service specialist, satisfied customers are my ultimate goal, because as the saying goes: only happy customers are loyal customers!”

    Olivia. Customer Service Specialist,


    Maximum customer satisfaction through ongoing training.

    Find out more in Olivia’s case.

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    Just as customer-oriented as Olivia?

    Then come join us.

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  • “I love the fact that by providing our technical support solutions we are able to play our part in saving other people’s lives!”

    Alex. Supervisor Technical Help Desk,


    Looking for top technical support?

    Find it with us.

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    Looking for a responsible role?

    Then you’re just right with us.

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  • “Offering our sales specialists the best possible environment- that’s the secret for our success!”

    Anthony. Supervisor,


    Looking for high performers?

    We know how to develop excellent sales people.

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    As motivated as Anthony?

    Come and join us.

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  • “We know what it takes to provide our partner with the best leads: the best salespeople with the best experience and skills!”

    Nina. Sales Manager,

    Kuala Lumpur.

    Looking for top sales solutions?

    Find them with us.

    Case lesen

    Looking for a challenging sales role?

    You’re just right with us.

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  • “What really makes my day? Helping my client boost his business.”

    Nuno. Team Leader Sales Support,


    Does your sales need its burden lightened?

    Nuno’s case shows what professional support means.

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    Can you also do what Nuno does?

    Come and show us.

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  • “Our client lost considerable profits. But luckily, my team and I dislike losing.”

    Anna. Operations Manager,


    Looking to enhance your sales figures?

    Anna’s case shows how we do this.

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    Do you dislike losing as much as Anna?

    Then you will love what we have to offer.

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  • "Through our tailored and highly efficient preselection we track just the right candidates!"

    Pascal. Recruiter,


    Are you looking for precisely fitting and highly qualified employees?

    No Problem. We find them.

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    "Treasure hunting" for the perfect employee is your passion?


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  • “Why do I like my job? Because I’m looking after products that I love.”

    Tarek. Customer Service Representative,


    Do you need a solution? And do you need it fast?

    Read about how fast we can be in Tarek’s case.

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    Are you someone who gets things done like Tarek?

    Then we should meet up.

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  • “Generating 40% growth isn’t rocket science. But it sure boosted my client’s market position.”

    Lily. External Sales Force Employee,


    More revenues with lower costs?

    In Lily’s case you will find out how we manage this.

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    Are you a sales talent like Lily?

    Then we have a job for you.

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  • “Social Media is my hobby. I’m lucky I could make it my job as well.”

    Inga. Inside Sales Manager,


    More growth?

    Inga’s case shows how we exceed expectations.

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    Hungry for success?

    Then we have a job for you.

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  • “Home Office work in three words? Flexible, fun and convenient!”

    Tim. Supervisor,


    Want to expand and be flexible at the same time?

    We have the processes in place.

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    You want to work from home?

    It`s possible with us.

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  • “Measurably increase the quality of encounters – that is the prime goal of our training!”

    Paolo. Trainer & Coach,


    Up for some training?

    Train with us.

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    Are you a communication talent, just like Paolo?

    Apply now.

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Benefit from our competences. In all areas.


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Customer Representative with Flemish and French (m/f) 0915AU

Kuala Lumpur

Hub Manager (English) – APAC (m/f)

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  • “What makes us special? We provide our partners with highest quality standards in not one, but all areas including sales, service and support.”

    Markus Schöllmann

    Vice President Strategy, Management Board SELLBYTEL Group

    You need proof?


    As quality oriented as Markus?

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  • “Our strategy is simple, be a trusted and innovative advisor for our clients.”

    Thomas Kaschner

    Vice President Global Key Accounts, Management Board SELLBYTEL Group

    Take advantage of Thomas' outsourcing experience.


    As motivated as Thomas?

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  • “The only way to succeed in the long-term is to always transform. This idea of ongoing transformation is what makes us so innovative!”

    Christoph Thieme

    Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

    Here is an overview of our innovative brands.


    Transformation and innovation is your thing?

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  • “Leading a company with empowered people guarantees performances fully consistent with company objectives and values.”

    Helena Guardans i Cambó

    CEO SELLBYTEL Group Spain, Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

    Learn more about our people and their success.

    Success Stories

    Do you like being empowered too?

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  • “Our strong global outlook along with the constant optimization of our service quality are the foundation for maximum customer satisfaction.”

    Markus von Rhein

    Managing Director SELLBYTEL Group

    Find out how we live service.


    Are you a true service talent?

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  • “We are first-class in what we do, because we love what we do, and we don’t compromise on that.”

    Philipp Grimm

    VP Worldwide Sales, Management Board SELLBYTEL Group

    You want proof?


    Are you first class too? Join us!

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  • “We have been convincing our clients with quality, efficiency and transparency for more than 28 years.”

    Michael Raum


    Learn all about our biggest milestones.


    Find out more about our core values.

    Outsourcing Excellence
  • “All clients are unique. That’s why we develop perfect business solutions that harness their competitive advantage.”

    Eric Suzor

    Vice President APAC

    How do we do this in practice?


    Join us in working for the leading global brands.

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  • “Our people are at the center of everything we do. So we have developed a fully virtual service that allows our employees to work from anywhere.”

    Thomas Soria-Galvarro

    Vice President Global Key Accounts, Management Board SELLBYTEL Group

    Let us show you how we do this!


    Are you a real talent?

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  • “Speed of reaction is the key differentiator in a fast moving environment. Driving changes quickly and proactively makes us successful!”

    Markus Klamert

    Vice President Global Key Accounts, Management Board SELLBYTEL Group

    Here is how we do it!


    Are you a fan of change too?

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