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Our objective: perfection in IT service desk management. How? Through professional support solutions, from individual user support to complex IT management solutions. Perfect, transparent and highly qualified. One feature distinguishes HELPBYCOM above all – we are accessible at all times. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On site and in up to 45 languages. Bringing success to our clients for more than 20 years.

Always in view: your success.

Experience: more than 20 years.

HELPBYCOM can build on many years of experience: for more than 20 years we have successfully been supplying user support, generally within the context of managed-service solutions and for international clients and IT service providers. Benefit from our know-how.

Technical specialists: service-oriented.

HELPBYCOM recruits all IT specialists in a multiphase selection procedure. We thus make sure that their specialist knowledge and service orientation but also their social skills exactly matches the requirements of your company. Your success is our mission.

Specialist knowledge: always up to date.

HELPBYCOM continuously optimizes the processes deployed. Innovative quality and knowledge management tools raise the resolution rate of enquiries in the first attempt – and sustainably so. This reduces the average processing time. The result is a high level of user satisfaction and long-term skills enhancement within the teams. One further measure that has a lasting effect on improving service can be found in the fact that HELPBYCOM sets itself internal targets that lie above those agreed with the client. Our successes are those of your company: higher user satisfaction and long-term reduction of costs.

Service and technical expertise: certified.

HELPBYCOM regularly certifies projects in accordance with internationally recognized service standards, such as ITIL V3, ISO 9001:2000 and COPC. The results show that it’s worthwhile – for your company: higher resolution rates, short processing times, increased quality.

Volker Haessler

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Volker Häßler
Managing Director HELPBYCOM

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Always perfect: 24 / 7 IT support by HELPBYCOM.

What you gain: your added value.

HELPBYCOM assures your company of long-term added value through the implementation of efficiency processes

  • Optimum support during rollout and implementation from highly competent experts
  • Continuous development of know-how
  • Reduced IT costs due to higher and faster resolution rates
  • Reduced pressure on downstream IT instances
  • Certification to international standards

"HELPBYCOM is IT service with passion. Calculable and individually adapted to the needs of your company."

Volker Hässler, Managing Director HELPBYCOM

For you at a glance: our portfolio of services.

As individual as your company.

Service Desk (1st Level Support)

Our range of services:

  • Central contact point for all incoming IT service enquiries
  • Forwarding of insoluble enquiries to the downstream instances (e.g. 2nd level, field service) including ticket management
  • Service-oriented employees
  • In-depth technical knowledge

The added value for you:

  • Direct reaction to unforeseen disruptions through flexible planning of personnel deployment
  • Reduction in downtime/increase in productivity
  • Increase in customer satisfaction due to service-oriented approach
  • Permanent reduction in IT costs
  • Certified service and technical expertise

Expert Service (2nd Level Support)

Our range of services:

  • Acceptance and resolution of all enquiries that have not been dealt with in the upstream instances (e.g. first level)
  • Technicians and IT specialists with top level of training
  • Disproportionately high resolution rate
  • Maximum quality
  • Complete service-orientation
  • Continuous development of employee know-how
  • Years of experience

The added value for you:

  • Increase in satisfaction among your customers
  • Technical expertise of a supreme level
  • Certified service and technical expertise

Application Support

Our range of services:

  • Technical support for software users
  • Handling and functional support
  • Development and management of user software
  • In-depth technical know-how
  • Optimum problem-solving
  • Certified employees

The added value for you:

  • Increased satisfaction among your customers through continuous training
  • Supreme service orientation
  • Specialist knowledge and flexibility
  • Certified service and technical expertise

Field Service

Our range of services:

  • Mobile technical field sales force
  • Service-oriented specialists
  • Coverage of a broad range of tasks

The added value for you:

  • Flexible reaction to technical requirements
  • Balancing of capacity fluctuations
  • Efficient scheduling of employees
  • Increase in satisfaction among your customers
  • Certified service and technical expertise on site

Onsite Service

Our range of services:

  • IT specialists directly in your company
  • Personal contact between our and your employees
  • Optimum support
  • Stable company processes

The added value for you:

  • Direct availability of the HELPBYCOM IT specialists (transparent and accessible)
  • Increase in your customer satisfaction
  • Technical expertise of a supreme level
  • Certified service and technical expertise

Order Management

Our range of services:

  • Order control (preliminary work, support, coordination) of the technical field service
  • Analysis and preparation of your IT environment
  • Efficient scheduling of technicians and IT specialists on site
  • Professional order control
  • Interface optimization in the order management process
  • Defined routines
  • Optimum coordination between your company, your customers, field service and on-site service

The added value for you:

  • Elimination of costly time losses
  • Increased efficiency in order processing
  • Savings in time and hence costs due to detailed preparation
  • Optimization of the management and efficient capacity utilization of the field service
  • Certified service and technical expertise

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