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We are excited about our new partnership with Webhelp - and the highest standard of customer experience we will continuously provide.
Find out more here and stay tuned for changes and updates during this exciting time of transition.

In what areas is SELLBYTEL | Webhelp Group looking for staff?

The SELLBYTEL | Webhelp Group and its subsidiaries are looking for talent in many areas – from marketing and sales to HR, finance, service, financial management and even a number of technically-oriented professions.

Where can I find current job advertisements?

The best way to find an up-to-date listing is at our Career Center. There you’ll find a clear, current breakdown of all positions currently available. You can even use the form to apply right there.

How can I apply?

We are delighted to accept applications via post, e-mail with additional files attached as PDFs, via our online application form or through Facebook, LinkedIn and XING.

What supporting materials should my application include?

For fast and specific processing, please include all documents requested by the particular posting for which you are applying.

What happens after I send my application?

You will immediately receive confirmation that we have received your application – via e-mail for online applications or after a few days via e-mail for posted applications. The selection process will then take some time, depending on the position. If your profile matches our requirements, you will either be invited to a job interview, to attend an application day or to visit an assessment center.

I am interested in more than one position. How should I proceed?

Send us an application and clearly note in your cover letter which positions you are interested in. Be sure to list the names of the positions along with the corresponding reference numbers. We will then be able to process your application smoothly and avoid any unnecessary duplication.

Is it possible to apply „on-spec“?

Of course. If you did not find anything available within our range of offered positions, use our „on-spec“ online application form. Or send your cover letter, CV/resume and any relevant references and certificates to:

Human Resources
Tullnaustraße 20
90402 Nürnberg

Tel.: +49 911 9339 3636

Please send us international applications preferably in English and as a pdf to the e-mail address above.

Will my application and data be deleted if my application is unsuccessful?

We comply with all legal regulations regarding deletion or return of application documentation. If you are not selected as a candidate for a particular position, we will keep, if not expressly objected, your documents on file for future employment possibilities within our group – provided, of course, that this is acceptable to you.

Can I apply for another position if the first application was unsuccessful?

Of course! We may even come back to you with a different position in your field that we feel is a better fit for your skills.

Where should I direct any questions about open positions or the application process?

Our local Human Resource specialists are available on business days for further information.

You may call us at:

  • Nuremberg: +49 911 93393636

  • Barcelona: +34 934 005000

  • Lisbon: +35 121 1202744

  • Singapore: +65 978 90979

Please also use the possibility to leave us a voice message.

Do you have any queries?

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