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We are excited about our new partnership with Webhelp - and the highest standard of customer experience we will continuously provide.
Find out more here and stay tuned for changes and updates during this exciting time of transition.

What does the SELLBYTEL | Webhelp Group do und why are we no call center / no temporary employment agency?

The SELLBYTEL | Webhelp Group is an outsourcing specialist* managing entire business processes for different clients. We employ qualified employees who are hired for one specific project / department and who are part of one particular team. This again means that our employees get the chance to work for one of the leading 500 brands worldwide. They frequently develop towards the client as well. We offer our employees enormous scope for development and fixed employment contracts with us a reliable employer. Besides, our sales mostly refer to business clients (B2B).

*The term “outsourcing” defines the transferal of business tasks and divisions to service providers that specialize in specific areas. Examples are customer service and inside sales.

What makes the SELLBYTEL Group a special employer?

The SELLBYTEL Group supports the industry leaders in the most diverse fields, such as IT, telecommunications, multimedia, automobile, social media or fashion. We are a very stable employer that collaborates with the brands that will shape your future and that almost each one of us knows and uses daily.

We offer our people attractive opportunities in their personal and professional development. This includes internal professional training as well as the direct development towards the client. 90% of our executives are hired internally. We acknowledge and reward strong performances through diverse career opportunities. Especially career changers from all fields are welcome with us. We enable them through intensive SELLBYTEL-managed training, so that they are perfectly prepared for their future tasks. Since we have a large responsibility towards our employees and our clients, we always act ambitiously, fast and efficiently. If you feel comfortable in this kind of environment, then we look forward to welcoming you in one of our teams soon!

We have a very pleasant and friendly work atmosphere. As soon as you enter our offices you will be greeted with a smile or a nice chat. The friendly relationships among our people are further remarkable. We also have a clear “open door policy”. This means the sharing of creativity and individual ideas is always welcome here. Our goal is to open all doors for our employees in order to foster the personal and professional advancement of each individual in the best possible way.

Why do we appreciate sophisticated business wear?

Since we have a high client frequency at our locations, we aim at a very positive external presentation through the wearing of business apparel. Due to our collaboration with the globally leading brands from all fields – traditional as well as modern – it is particularly important to us to meet everyone’s needs.

Why do we mostly work in open-plan offices?

We put great emphasis on the transparent and efficient communication among colleagues. This is why open-plan offices are definitely helpful, as they significantly facilitate communication. The walking distances to colleagues are also very short. Besides, we thereby support mutual support and learning. 

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