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“I am especially good at reading and understanding people!”

Abdu Chebli,
Human Resources Specialist.

Interview from 12th of August 2016

A real people person!

Born in Lebanon, 30 year old Abdu Chebli grew up in Northern Germany and now lives in Erfurt. The charming young man has a pretty diverse career background: originally a retail merchant, he later worked as a translator for the US Army and spent a year in Majorca to work as an animator. Seven years ago he finally joined SELLBYTEL as a Customer Service Specialist. Now he is Human Resources Specialist. In this interview he tells us all about his time with SELLBYTEL.

Abdu, please tell us a little more about you and your career with us.

Sure! I started as a Customer Service Specialist for our client, an international food and beverage company, in 2009. Shortly thereafter, I participated in our supervisor training program and became supervisor. Again a little later, I took the position as a Training Coordinator / Quality Manager for our hub in Barcelona.

And how did you finally end up with the Human Resources department?

In 2012, I wanted to move a little away from the operational part and towards Human Resources. Thus I became a Recruiter and finally Deputy HR Manager.

What does your current position exactly look like?

In short: I conduct job interviews and manage workshops for new employees. Moreover, I foster the active exchange with educational institutes and agencies to find potential new candidates.

And what do you like most in your daily work?

I meet so many different people. That’s very exciting and of course inspiring. Besides, I find it awesome that I enable talented people a future in our company.

Speaking of talented … Which traits have additionally enabled you to move forward in your career?

I am very ambitious, engaged and open. I would definitively call myself a real people person, who knows how to read and understand people during conversations.

Do you also encounter challenges?

Definitively! It can be very challenging to manage the frequently short-term recruitment of employees and to always meet the client’s expectations. Here the close relationship between us and the educational institutes is crucial, because a large number of candidates can be contacted promptly.

I deal with pressure by staying on top of things, not getting stressed and then starting from scratch – and I always keep on smiling! 

What are your tips to others who would like to have this career path within the company?

Be ambitious, honest and curious. Your commitment is just as important as your academic qualification.

And how do you like to spend your free time?

I’m a sportsman through and through. I play football four times a week, whenever I’m not on a business trip. I even used to play in the fourth league of the A-Juniors in the past. For me, sport is just a great way to unwind. I also like freeletics and other outdoor sports. Moreover, I am a real family person. 

Thanks a lot for the interesting interview and all the best!

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Abdu Chebli

Human Resources Specialist

Phone +49 361 6604 1235