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“Persistence always pays off”

Aisyah Salleh,
Lead - Business Intelligence

Trust yourself, you can do it!

In our latest success story, we get to know Aisyah Salleh who currently holds the Lead - Business Intelligence position at Sellbytel | Webhelp. Aisyah who studied Business Administration at the UNITAR International University was born and raised in Malaysia. Currently, she is undertaking an MBA degree at the same university along with self-development and business intelligence technical courses to enhance her knowledge and practical work. Read on to find out more.

Aisyah, could you please give as an insight into your start in Sellbytel | Webhelp, and how your career has developed since then?  

Sure. I joined the Sellbytel | Webhelp Group as a Team Leader back in 2014. From there I made my way into the Business Intelligence team which was a huge step forward for me. And in order to better understand the essential quality of the unit, I started to brush up on my Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) skills and also learning the Structured Query Language (SQL) just to ensure that I am fully equipped. This has given me exposure to multiple tools which is an advantage in the outsourcing industry. 

In January 2019, I was given the great opportunity to lead a global project from one of our clients, an international leader in lighting. Every day I continue to develop my skills and expertise keeping up with the exciting analytics world. The experience I have gained so far is immense and in deed priceless. 

And what do you enjoy most about your job?

Being in business intelligence is amazing. It is a treasure to have the opportunity to learn and keep up with the latest technology when it comes to analytical tools. Plus, my team is the best (smiles). Despite us all doing different things and sometimes designated to different projects, we still support each other in many ways. Constructive discussion occurs frequently especially when working on technical solutions. It’s fair to say that we share our challenges; that’s what drives us forward. The strong support received from the management also makes the journey gratifying.

What personal characteristics would you say have helped you to advance in your profession?

Data analysis is a role in which with continuous learning and exposure, can lead one to become a Data Scientist. My personal characteristic that is key for this role is being persistent in achieving goals.  With such an important role, I expect to encounter challenges that may vary on day to day basis. With this in mind, I also developed a mindset to finish what is start. Throughout my experience, one of the most valuable things I have learned is “persistence always pays off”. 

In your opinion, what makes Sellbytel | Webhelp a special employer?

Sellbytel |Webhelp truly is an organization that focuses on employees. Employees are well recognized for their effort, hard work and engagement. And in return, they are given the opportunity to grow. Year after year, I see positive developments in the organization that stimulates individuals to reach their maximum potential while grooming them to be a highly capable workforce. 

And finally, how do you like spending your free time?

Reading is my gig. Currently, I am so much into Jordon Peterson; not only do I read his books, I also continuously watch his lectures through YouTube video. The psychology professor has written such impressive academic work that is expanding my frame of mind to another level. I also enjoy swimming and travelling. Taking a break from work is precious, as one comes back refreshed, re-charged and ready for more (smiles).

Very inspiring, thanks a lot Aisyah for the interview and all the best in your future career!

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Aisyah Salleh

Lead - Business Intelligence

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