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“Act the position before you get the position!”

Andrés Mazzei,
Project Supervisor.

Interview from 14th of June 2017

Preparation is everything

Our Italian colleague Andrés (with Venezuelan roots) has long had a passion for marketing and languages. The 35 year old has a strong background in interpreting, digital marketing and communication. So his current position as a Project Supervisor with a specialization in social media at SELLBYTEL Barcelona allows for the perfect combination of his talents.

Andrés, how has your career started and grown within the SELLBYTEL Group?

I started working at SELLBYTEL five years ago as a team leader for the US team of one of our fashion e-commerce customer service projects. Shortly after, I was promoted to Senior Coordinator and got the chance to participate in the SELLBYTEL supervisor training program, before I became supervisor.

A few years later, SELLBYTEL invited a worldwide leading sports fashion brand to visit our Barcelona offices. Once they decided to work with us, I became the one to lead their global social media project as a Project Supervisor.

And what exactly does your current role with the SELLBYTEL Group involve?

I work directly with our client’s e-commerce operations team. My job involves the prevention and handling of possible social media issues that may affect the brand, reporting and analyzing marketing campaigns, social media listening, organizing the workload, developing tools, reports and procedures, training of new team members, and so on.

That’s quite a few tasks … Is there anything you particularly like about your position?

First and foremost, I have an amazing team. I enjoy every day of work with them. I really like working with people, in my opinion they are the most valuable asset of the company and the better job you do for them, the better they will respond.

I also enjoy the versatility of social media. My job can change every week -  from being reporting-oriented to customer service-oriented to marketing-oriented. This dynamic is what keeps me up and running. 

Do you also face big challenges?

Sure. Going from e-commerce, B2C and customer service to the social media world has been a big challenge. Brands are way more exposed nowadays. To better master these challenges, I have consumed over 100 hours of trainings and conferences on social media and customer service.

What are your tips to others who would like to have this career path within the company?

SELLBYTEL is a company full of opportunities. However, in life opportunities often show up when you least expect them. So be prepared! “Act the position before you get the position”: that was the advice I got when I first started at SELLBYTEL. So if you want to become a team leader, you should be the reference for your team, support them and care for them before you actually lead them.

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time? 

I enjoy watching movies, technology, good food and playing music. I am currently participating in some musical projects here in Barcelona. That’s pretty exciting! 

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best!

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Andrés Mazzei

Project Supervisor

Phone + 34 935 518 036