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“I make sure to grow by taking on responsibility and asking questions!”

Anneli Andersson,
Program Manager.

Interview from 1st of July 2016

Don’t Be Afraid To Grow!

Being unafraid of trying out new things: that’s what Anneli, Program Manager for SELLBYTEL in Barcelona, is all about. The worldly Swedish has always been keen on adventures and challenges. Before she moved to Barcelona to start her career with SELLBYTEL in 2010, the 36 year old lived and worked in Oslo, London and Chicago. And even now she still takes every opportunity to travel around the world. Just like in her private life, she looks for new tasks and opportunities in her job too. In this interview she tells us all about her career with us. 

Anneli, please tell us a bit more about you and your SELLBYTEL career with us.

I started my career here six years ago as a Norwegian Customer Service Specialist for our client, an international food processing company. Shortly after, I became Nordic Senior Customer Service Specialist and then Supervisor. In June 2014, I got promoted to Program Manager.

And what does your present role look like?

I manage a team of 75 employees taking care of the day to day business. I am in daily contact with our client in Holland and our second project location in Germany. I make sure that we meet our client’s expectations and that we create a work environment where every team member has the chance to develop within the company.

Have you faced any challenges during your time with us?

Sure. My biggest challenge has been learning how to prioritize. I have been able to practice this during our recent project restructuring by always assessing the importance of each task and then prioritizing accordingly.

What would you advise people looking for a similar career within the company?

Don’t be afraid to show your interest to grow. Take on extra responsibilities and dare to ask questions.

What is special about SELLBYTEL as an employer?

If you are keen on growing in your career, SELLBYTEL is the place to be. There are great opportunities to learn new things all the time. Just make sure you reach out for them and make them yours!

Finally … How do you like to spend your free time?

My biggest passion is travelling: short trips and long trips, wherever the wind takes me. I think that by broadening our knowledge about other cultures and people, we learn a lot about ourselves.

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best to you.

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