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“Be passionate, committed and always ready to learn”

Astrid Flemming,
Customer Solutions & Marketing Consultant

Interview on 12. April 2019

Stay positive!

Having grown up in Lichtenau, small town near Paderborn in Germany, our friendly colleague Astrid joined the Paderborn University for her business administration studies. And in her pursuit for self-development and to gain practical experience, she joined a student initiative that focused on consulting local companies and the education of the students. A few years later, she was responsible for public relations holding the position of first chairperson. After gaining her first professional experience, she enrolled as a working student for an international technology and services company, in the Production Planning & Production Engineering department where she gained an exciting insight into the areas of process optimization and project management. In 2017, she joined the Webhelp Group as an intern and in April 2018, Astrid successfully completed her Master's degree with a focus on Service Management. Read more about Astrid’s career in our latest success story.

Astrid can you tell us a little more about your time with Webhelp so far? 

During my internship program, I worked in the Customer Solutions department in Dortmund. The international environment, the diverse activities and the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility for my own tasks, all made me like the team which led me to writing my master's thesis in collaboration with Webhelp. The topic of my master thesis was "Factors that influence the quality of consulting in video and chat services". The thesis focused on a virtual shop that Webhelp was operating for one of the clients where customer interviews and an online survey were conducted and evaluated, in order to obtain improvement potentials from it. Besides my master thesis I supported the Customer Solutions team in the conception of offers, created marketing materials for Webhelp and organized Webhelp's trade fair appearance at the”Call Center World” (CCW). After successfully completing my studies, I took on my new role as Customer Solutions & Marketing Consultant. All in all, I have been enthusiastic about Webhelp and my colleagues since my first day at work, because they offer me a lot of room for my own decisions and personal development, the hierarchies are very leveled and the contact with colleagues is very friendly.  

What is your current position all about?

As a Customer Solution & Marketing Consultant, my role encompasses various areas of activities. I work on the conception of solutions and the creation of offers for our existing and new customers in the German-speaking market. And last year, I supported the Project Management department in various areas of Operations for example by helping to stabilize and improve one of the projects at the Dortmund location. The third area of responsibility involves supporting the global Webhelp marketing community in the creation of marketing materials and employee campaigns, such as Advisor Day. What I find particularly exciting about my work is that no two days are the same and I always have the opportunity to put myself and my skills to test.

In your opinion, what makes Webhelp a special employer?

Webhelp is particularly known for its huge network of talented, dedicated and motivated employees. Every colleague, whether in the nearest office, in Paris or Glasgow, is incredibly helpful and within easy reach. In January, I had the opportunity to attend the Sales Campus in Paris. All colleagues were very open, friendly and sociable, so that you quickly had the feeling that you personally knew everyone. That gave me a real WoW moment and makes working at Webhelp very special.

How do you overcome challenging situations in your professional life?

Keep calm and take a deep breath. Then you will have enough focus to rise to the challenge and find a goal-oriented solution. If you can't find a solution on your own, it often helps to describe the challenge to a colleague in your own words. This gives you a certain distance to the problem and a new perspective. 

What is your advice for people who would like to pursue the same career?

I think everyone has to find their own career path. There is no standard process or universal advice for everyone. For me personally, I see a high willingness to learn, passion and commitment as important drivers on my further path. I think if you're not happy with your job and you're passionate about it, you have to ask yourself if it's the right job.

How do you like spending your free time?

I travel a lot in my free time, as a large part of my friends and family do not live in Dortmund, but close contact with them is important to me. During my holidays, I like taking part in a lot of activities. I am also a big fan of weekend trips to different big cities. Prague and Barcelona are already booked for this year, but there will be some more cities to come. And for a few weeks now, I have been going to work out with two colleagues because the motivation and the commitment is higher in a group which also acts as a good balance from the work environment.

Thanks a lot for your time and the interesting Interview Astrid. All the best for your future Webhelp career.





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Astrid Flemming

Customer Solutions & Marketing Consultant

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