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“My goal is to never stop developing!”

Carlos Pancrazi,
Operations Manager.

Interview from 12th of July 2016

I’m In For Constant Growth!

Carlos Pancrazi from Venezuela has always valued professional growth. Having started his career in engineering in Venezuela, the 36 year old later moved to London to advance his career in Europe. He then moved to Barcelona to do his Masters in International Business. And before joining the Sellbytel Group as an Advisor, Carlos worked as a salesman. In our latest interview the Operations Manager tells us all about his time with SELLBYTEL so far.

Carlos, how did you start with SELLBYTEL and how has your career developed within the company?

I started as an Advisor for our client project, a multinational automobile manufacturer, in 2008. I was later appointed Supervisor for a leading producer of IT lifestyle products, where I was part of the team that achieved the COPC certificate for the first time in SELLBYTEL Spain. This is a big deal for us! One year later I got the opportunity to implement a new project as its Supervisor. That was when I became Operations Manager for my current client, an international provider of internet services.

So what does your current role exactly consist of?

I coordinate the various activities of different departments concerned with the production, pricing and distribution of products and services. I am basically the operational link between the client and SELLBYTEL. I oversee the whole project and make sure we achieve our targets. I ensure this by planning, learning and implementing new innovations in collaboration with my team.

And what do you particularly like about your position?

I love the fact that I lead a very multicultural and skilled team. This makes my job a lot of fun. Regularly facing new challenges also gives me great motivation to get better every day.

Speaking of challenges… what kind of challenges have you faced?

Living up to our high service standards on a constant level and ensuring our client’s satisfaction at all times can be pretty challenging. I handle these challenges by communicating a lot both with my team and the client.

What are your tips to people looking for a similar career path within SELLBYTEL?

I would definitely say: work hard, be yourself and never lose track of your goals!

What in your opinion is special about SELLBYTEL as an employer?

Being part of a young, dynamic and constantly growing company, while getting the chance to develop further in international projects - no matter where you come from or where you started out - is pretty amazing!

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I love riding my bike. I am also a big fan of trekking and traveling. So you can say I am really into action sports.

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best to you!

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Carlos Pancrazi

Operations Manager

Phone +34 9355 2943 6