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“My way of learning: give more than I have to!”

Christian Kohl,
Vice Operations Director

Interview from 20th of June 2015

Go beyond your responsibilities!

Christian Kohl from Bavaria, Germany, is a typical career changer. Whilst he originally studied Law in Germany, he decided to follow a wholly different path early in his career. After his graduation, he went to work in Italy and later returned to Barcelona - where he had already spent a semester abroad - to work for SELLBYTEL in IT support. In our latest Success Story the 38 year old tells us all about his successful career with the outsourcing specialist in Barcelona.

Christian, how has your career developed within the SELLBYTEL Group? 

I started as an agent providing IT support for one of our international clients in October 2003. About a year later, I became mentor/coach within the same project. In January 2005, I got promoted to Supervisor for about two years. After that, I became project manager for another project and after seven years of experience in the sector, I was named Vice Operations Director for several clients.

So what does your current role exactly involve?

I oversee six projects for multiple clients. I monitor the operations and financials. Besides, I support the management team and encourage knowledge sharing between the different teams. I also participate in top management meetings, whereby important strategic decisions for the company’s future are made.

And what do you particularly like about your position? 

I enjoy the freedom of being able to prioritize my tasks and schedules. I talk to people from different countries, cultures and skills every day. This way I get the chance to practice my foreign languages. It also feels great to put something new in place that improves our services and makes our operations more efficient.

Have you also faced any challenges? 

Just like with any business, there are challenges everywhere. Personally I would say the most important ones include the need to keep my teams motivated and happy. And to meet and exceed my clients’ expectations at all times. Another challenge I face is to oversee projects based at different locations and sites. You can’t be present everywhere, so it can be challenging to be on top of things constantly. I tackle these challenges by communicating a lot and being as transparent as possible – both with colleagues and clients.

What are your tips to others who would like to have this career path within the company? 

My tip is to simply do the best you can in whatever you do and show interest in your project and the company. Be proactive and most importantly, find out where you could potentially help out and learn more - even if it is not your area of responsibility. Then the rest comes by itself!

What in your view is special about SELLBYTEL as an employer? 

SELLBYTEL trusts its people and treats them with respect. The company knows that the people working here are its biggest asset. I also believe that everyone showing commitment and interest will meet a lot of open doors at SELLBYTEL.

And ultimately, how do you like to spend your free time? 

I try to forget about work when I’m at home. I play with my band, meet friends, do outdoor activities or practice Yoga. Taking the time to unwind is really important to me.

Thanks a lot for the interesting interview and all the best!

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Christian Kohl

Vice Operations Director

Phone + 34 935 534 334