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”Where there is a will there is always a way”

Christian Schubert,
Chief Information Security Officer DACH

No challenge is too great!

Meet our diligent colleague Christian who after successfully graduating from high school, started his career as a Customer Service Agent in January 2008. Thanks to his hands-on ability, his career rapidly progressed to new roles of quality monitoring, assurance and also employee communications trainer. After just six months into the project, he was promoted to Team Lead for a leading telecommunications and internet provider where he launched and supervised several projects. Alongside his blooming career, his determination to continuously grow, led him to take part in development courses that were offered internally and externally from training institutions. In our latest success story, Christian tells us all about his career.

Christian, your career seems to have progressed rapidly right from the start, can you tell us more …

Yes, some opportunities only come once in a lifetime! When I look back today, I am glad that I did not hesitate to take on new challenges I encountered in my career path. From 2009 until 2013, I embraced a new responsibility in the control department as a data protection officer and quality manager, which enabled me to gain experience and insights into different roles. And from September 2013 until February 2015 I was the project manager for an inbound project. During my time in this position, I was in charge of establishing an assessment system and optimizing and integrating internal qualitative strategies. Additionally, my responsibilities also included disciplinary and technical leadership as well as coaching and development of a team of over 100 employees with team leaders, trainers and coaches on board. 

Wow, that’s impressive! 

Thank you! But I couldn’t have achieved it without the mentorship, support and collaboration of my supervisors and fellow work colleagues. In March 2015 my next challenge came along as I received additional responsibilities as Deputy Area Manager parallel to my roles as Controller. My tasks also included, permanently controlling our turnover, costs and profit as well as the management of about 250 employees. I held these positions until end of 2018, and as of January this year, I was promoted to Chief Information Security Officer.  

And what is your current position all about?

My current role includes safeguarding the protection of all corporate assets, development and rollout of security policies and guidelines, risk identification, assessment and monitoring and auditing of processes and business procedures. 

In your opinion, what makes Webhelp a special employer?

Webhelp offers numerous development opportunities. You are not limited within a fixed hierarchy. You can start as a service agent on the phone and due to the low hierarchies, rapidly progress to new roles and positions within the company. Each day is different and every effort is duly rewarded! 

So what would you say contributed most to your career progress? 

My determination, a good understanding of financial numbers, a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards new challenges, have all played an important role in developing and advancing my career.   

Any future goals in mind?

Information and data security are critical organization assets that should be duly protected. My focus is thus to ensure processes that mitigate risks and uphold integrity and confidentiality are implemented.

And finally, how do you like spending your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy working out and keeping fit and going for walks with my dog. And every year, I look forward to my annual summer highlight at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium! (Smiles) 

Thanks a lot for the interesting interview Christian and all the best in your future career!

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Christian Schubert

Chief Information Security Officer DACH

Phone +49 461 95 70 545