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“My tip: Make yourself the expert within your team!”

Column Fleming,
Project Manager.

Interview from 25th of November 2016

Make yourself an expert!

A rock ‘n’ roll and celebrity filled lifestyle in a hotel owned by members of the famous band U2: that’s what our colleague Column Fleming, Project Manager for our oldest client, a worldwide leading IT producer, experienced before joining SELLBYTEL. The 40 year old Irishman has a strong background in the Hotel and Catering Industry, where he specialized in Sales and Marketing for the Five Star market. And after taking a year out to travel the world with his Spanish husband, destiny sent him to Barcelona. In this interview he tells us all about his career with SELLBYTEL.

Column, what does your time with SELLBYTEL look like so far?

Well, I joined SELLBYTEL in May 2012 as an Account Manager for a technology project. In April 2013 I switched to my current project working in Quality for a specific project segment. Two months later, both the management and client felt that I was the right one to lead the team, so I became Supervisor. I implemented various new sales and quality focused processes and managed the successful growth of the project into several new countries. In November 2014 I was promoted to Project Manager for the same project segment. And in May 2016 I became Project Manager for the whole project division.

What exactly do you do in this role?

I principally lead a team driving partner sales for our client across Western Europe. My team ensures that we deliver on key performance indicators, meet the client’s quality expectations, push their overall strategy and of course revenue. 

And what do you most enjoy about your daily tasks?

Well, there are a number of elements: I love the ever changing environment we work in. There is never a dull day! I also like the diverse range of intelligent and committed people I get to work with. This goes along with the many opportunities to learn and grow from these interactions. Moreover, I enjoy developing and executing new strategies for the success of my team.

What would be your advice to people aiming for a similar career?

My tips would be: set goals on what you would like your path to be and be realistic. Always communicate with your Supervisor and discuss how your course can be realized. And put in the effort to make this happen!

My top tip would be, though: make yourself the expert within the team and don’t be afraid to show the value you bring to your project.

Last but not least, how do you like to spend your free time?

I am an explorer at heart. As a result, my free time is occupied by searching for the gems of Barcelona, including restaurants, bars and sights. I also love travelling - next on my list are Iceland and Japan. Whenever I can mix these activities with family and friends it is even better!

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best!

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Column Fleming

Project Manager

Phone +34 93 44 52 481