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“Goals transform a random walk into a successful path.”

Denise Wanjiku,
Specialist Human Resources Projects

Interview 26. October 2018

Trust in yourself and your abilities!

Denise our goal-oriented colleague never remains in one spot, she always looks for new challenges. Her adventure started early when she and her family moved from Nairobi in Kenya to Erlangen in Germany. Soon after completing her apprenticeship as an Office Management Assistant, Denise applied with SELLBYTEL. Today, almost five years later, the young achiever grew into her role as a Human Resource Specialist and she successfully held three different positions on her exciting journey within SELLBYTEL. Her positive charisma is always contagious and for her, the only way is to always keep moving forward.

Denise, in just four years with us you have seen quite a bit at SELLBYTEL. How did it all start?

Originally, I applied with SELLBYTEL in 2014 for a finance project. Although working with numbers was not my strength in school (laughs), I had a good feeling about it. The interview was great and as luck would have it, I was offered an alternative position within customer service in the insurance sector, which I gladly accepted. 

Persistence is key!

Sometimes you just have to keep evolving until the perfect role finds you. The main thing is not to lose sight of the goal! I stayed in the customer service position for about a year until I switched to the personnel administration department to better use my apprenticeship knowledge.

How was your time there?

Totally exciting! I took care of a lot of responsibilities and projects, also within the APAC region. Sometimes there was immense workload and this was perfect for me! It is during very busy times that you get an opportunity to grow and learn. I gained a lot of experience which is an advantage for me in my current position. For example, I have become an absolute contract expert! But above all, my passion became clearer to me during this period. I love a position where I have a lot of personal interaction and I wanted to use my communication skills even more. This eventually led me to the recruitment department.

So how was the transition to your current position?

My broad knowledge and experience from my previous positions was very useful and once again SELLBYTEL had something in store for me. After eight months of working as a recruiter, I grew into my current position –Specialist HR Projects.

Impressive! What are your responsibilities all about?

As a HR Specialist, I am the link between the Head of Recruitment, HR Managers and our recruiters. I keep track of the department’s tasks and prepare analysis for the coming years. I conduct job interviews and sign our employees onboard, in addition to many other responsibilities (laughs).

What do you love about your current position?

My responsibilities are very interesting and diverse. I finally found a position that combines my passion for people management and my strengths in the commercial sector. My job challenges me on a daily basis and that is very important to me.

How do you master everyday challenges?

My position requires a decent amount of self-discipline. And in case something goes wrong, you have to be patient and tenacious. I've learned to trust in myself and my abilities and to always give more than 100%.

You are definitely a go getter! What is your next stop?

My current position is my perfect fit. I am an allrounder and I love that. I am eager to take on new responsibilities and to constantly work on myself and my performance. I never step on the brakes. I guess in a fast-growing company like SELLBYTEL, I am in very good hands! 

What advise do you give to others who wish to pursue a similar career path as you?

You can do it! There is so much potential in each person. If you are not satisfied with where you are in your career, get up and change it! No dream is too big and the person who doesn’t dare to take risks will never succeed.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to paint abstracts using either oil or acrylic paints. This is how I find my serenity when I want some time for myself. I also love spending time with friends and family and I enjoy going to concerts. (smiles)

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.

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Denise Wanjiku

Specialist Human Resources Projects

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