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“Old ways don't open new doors – dare to take the next step!”

Deniver Böhm,
Sales Manager - Global Account Development

Interview from 13. December 2018

„See the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.“

Originally from the city of Bielefeld in Germany, our colleague Deniver Böhm was captivated by the city of Barcelona from an early age on. After working in the printing industry for several years he decided 13 years ago to make the Spanish metropolis at the Mediterranean coast his home. Deniver's positive vibe and wanderlust are very well received at international corporations like the SELLBYTEL Group. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that since his involvement with SELLBYTEL in 2010 he continually developed professionally in multiple roles. Nowadays he is without a doubt highly appreciated amongst his fellow coworkers. Currently Deniver works as a Sales Manager within the global key account development team of one of our biggest clients. In this success story you will get a glimpse into Deniver's impressive career:

Deniver, nice to have you here at our Nuremberg office! You travel a lot, I suppose?

Yes, later this afternoon I will be heading back to Barcelona. Sometimes I fly to two locations within a week. Working in an international environment excites me: I love getting to know new people and diving into different cultures. During my SELLBYTEL career I got the chance to travel to many of our locations between Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur.

What was the launch pad for your SELLBYTEL career?

Eight years ago, I began as a Sales Specialist and not long after I got promoted to the position of Team Lead / Sales Manager of a project with one of our biggest clients. The project developed considerably and therefore we constantly took on more responsibilities and grew rapidly. I stayed in this position for four years and subsequently took over a new project where I built a strong team of inside sales representatives for 4 different countries. Shortly after, a new challenge awaited me - I became Sales Director for one of our key accounts.

What where your tasks during this stage?

I stayed in this position for 3 years. I kept our sales figures firmly in focus and developed sales strategies that were the base for business forecasts in close cooperation with our client. In addition to that, I took over the position of a Senior Consultant for this client in the APAC region. Since this march I have been working as Sales Manager in the global account development team.

Can you describe your current position?

Generating new business is my main focus at the moment, thus I create new projects for one of our most important key accounts. Even though people management is what I really like, I truly enjoy the diversity and complexity of my current position.

What is important to you in your professional life?

I feel like the perfect fit for an international work environment and I find it exciting to work with key clients. New tasks are always welcome. I am constantly learning - from my fellow coworkers or from the challenges that await me in new projects. It just feels great to share my experiences that I had the privilege to gather over the course of my career and to put new ideas into practice.

From Bielefeld to Barcelona - what excites you about this metropolis?

The city is incredibly vibrant. Even though I don't live downtown, I simply like the mentality of the people in such an international metropolis. They are warm-hearted and open-minded, probably not least because of the great climate (laughs).

How do you spend your free time?

With my family - my wife and my small daughter … and of course with our pup Fluffy (laughs). I enjoy spending time together at the beach. And if there is a slot in my tight schedule, you can find me on a nearby golf course.

Thanks a lot for your time, Deniver. It was great getting to know you. 

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Deniver Böhm

Sales Manager – Global Account Development

Phone +34 936 2853 61