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“My goal: develop a true understanding for our client’s business!”

Frederique Pons,
Project Manager

Interview from 22nd of June 2015

Put yourself in your client’s shoes!

Considering her young age, 28 year old Frederique Pons from Normandy, France, has had a pretty impressive career. After having completed her degree in International Business, the young woman decided to make a new start in Spain and launched her own consulting business in import-export. In 2010, she joined SELLBYTEL in Barcelona. In our latest Success Story she gives us an insight into her time with the outsourcing specialist so far. 

Frederique, please tell us a little about your career within SELLBYTEL!

I started my career with SELLBYTEL in 2010 as a sales representative for a specific supplies project of the client, an international computer manufacturer. One year later, I became Team Leader of the same project, prior to being promoted as Project Manager in May 2013. It is impressive to see how fast we grew within a very short time: we started with a team of nine, within a few months we increased to 30 and we currently count 45 people. Recently, I have also been appointed Project Manager for the client’s youngest project, which is very exciting!

What does your current role look like? 

As Project Manager for two of the client’s key projects, I am mainly responsible for increasing the sales revenues. I achieve this by constantly optimizing and setting up new business processes as well as developing new ideas and strategies to help the client grow its business. In order to do that, I need to have an excellent understanding and anticipation of the client’s expectations and needs. The motivation of my teams and the set-up of employee training are important aspects of my role.

So what do you particularly enjoy about your position? 

I am a very challenge-oriented person and ongoing change motivates me to constantly learn new things.

What challenges do you regularly face? 

It can be pretty challenging to develop the right strategies for the client. However, I really enjoy committing to clients and making sure they are 100% satisfied. That way I turn challenges into positive outcomes for me.

What would be your advice to others interested in a similar career path with SELLBYTEL?

Make yourself visible to colleagues and partners, so networking is a big deal to me. Moreover, show your willingness to learn at all times. My key is to develop a true understanding for the client’s business as well as its end customer’s needs. This is the best basis for really adding value to your client’s success!

What in your view makes SELLBYTEL a special employer? 

From my experience, SELLBYTEL offers a lot of opportunities for career growth if you show vast commitment and readiness to learn.

And finally, how do you like to spend your time outside of SELLBYTEL? 

I am a rather active and sporty person. Playing basketball is my favorite way to unwind and have fun after work.

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best for your continuing career with SELLBYTEL!

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Frederique Pons

Project Manager

Phone +34 934 005 000