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“I love creating my own opportunities!”

Frederique Pons,
Inside Sales Manager.

Interview from 10th of February 2017

Create your own opportunities!

Frederique Pons from Normandy, France, is the perfect example for a successful transfer of talent from SELLBYTEL directly towards one of our clients. The 30 year old spent five years at SELLBYTEL and in 2015 she decided to continue her career directly with our partner. Here is a little reminder to her first interview from February 2015. In this following interview she tells us all about her latest career move.

Frederique, you worked at SELLBYTEL as a Project Manager for one of our oldest clients, an international computer manufacturer, from August 2010 until November 2015. How has your career developed since you left the company?

Well, I got hired by my former client while I worked at SELLBYTEL. I started in December 2015 as an Inside Sales Manager for the EMEA market and I am still in this position today.

And what does your current position look like?

My role consists of managing an internal team of Inside Sales Specialists for high value products. The great thing is that I still get to work with SELLBYTEL, as I am responsible for the programs we have with you. I am pretty much the engine that helps us and SELLBYTEL generate new leads and qualify them. I collaborate closely with our Marketing team and all regions in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), I am responsible for our budget, and I regularly attend important trade shows and events.  

How has your position with SELLBYTEL helped you progress directly towards our client?

SELLBYTEL has been a great school. I learnt a lot about my current employer and this made my integration very smooth. I took several trainings at SELLBYTEL, which really helped me improve my management, sales and reporting skills.

So would you say that SELLBYTEL was a good stepping stone to your following career with our partner?

Definitively! At SELLBYTEL I became a true expert in my field. This is clearly an added value for my present employer.

Would you say it was the right decision to head into this new direction? 

It was certainly the right decision but not an easy one. I worked for SELLBYTEL for five years and I had a wonderful time. I had a great career path with you, I built an excellent team and I feel proud to have worked with so many talented people. On top of that I also made lot of friends.

Within a year with my new employer, I acquired a lot of new skills and got to know their business even better. This has enriched my professional development tremendously. So I can say that it was the right decision.

What would you advice others looking to transfer from SELLBYTEL into one of our partners’ businesses? 

Always anticipate and suggest new ideas regarding processes and strategies to your partner. Be just as committed as you would be with your own business. Create your own opportunities!

Thanks a lot for the nice chat and all the best for your continuing career!