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“The secret to success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.”

Hana Vaculikova,
Team Leader German Channel Inside Sales.

Interview on 16. March 2018

Stay balanced

Hana, who is originally from Moravia in the east of the Czech Republic, moved to Prague to study international trade at the University of Economics, and she came to stay. That doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever experienced the magical atmosphere of the “city of a thousand spires”.
After finishing her degree she worked as a business administrator and eventually joined the SELLBYTEL Group. During her three years with us, Hana is such an inspiration to demonstrate what you can achieve when you commit yourself and go the extra mile. In our latest success story the 31-year-old tells us all about her successful career with SELLBYTEL in Prague.

Hana, you have been with SELLBYTEL for three years now. Please give us an idea of your time with us so far!

I started in February 2015, so I just celebrated my three-year anniversary. My first position here was as an Inside Sales Partner Business Manager – short: IPBM. After the thorough onboarding period in Prague as well as Germany, I settled quickly into my role and somehow new challenges and tasks kept on finding me. Six months after my start, partner onboarding was added to my responsibilities, and I also had my own small team. A few months after that, I took over the role as Working Supervisor. 

Wow, that’s an impressive and quick development! What is your current role at SELLBYTEL?

Now I work as teamleader and manage the whole German channel team for our client, a worldwide leading IT producer, directly on their premises in Prague. I am also part of the sales advisors team where I deliver practical training for newcomers and help them become familiar with their new role.

So what do you particularly enjoy about your position? 

As a teamleader, I love to, well, lead my team (laughs). I enjoy supporting them in their development, share knowledge and push them towards better results – ones that we all are proud of.

What personal characteristics would you say have accelerated your development?

Right from the start I was goal-oriented, hardworking and willing to tackle every challenge with confidence. The secret to success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. 

And finally, how do you like to spend your time outside of SELLBYTEL? 

I am very health conscious, so I always take care to stay balanced – with my body and my mind. I love trying new healthy recipes, especially from the Asian Cuisine and keep fit with cycling, skiing, swimming, dancing or yoga.

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.

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Hana Vaculikova

Team Leader German Channel Inside Sales

Phone + 49 8941 209-408