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“I live according to the motto: you don’t always have to be the first, it is enough if you are the best!”

Harry Schmidt,
Director Operations LIVINGBRANDS.

Interview from 28th of June 2016

Always be the best!

Harry Schmidt, Director Operations LIVINGBRANDS, lives by a pretty brave motto: “not always necessarily be the first, but definitely the best”. That’s how the 43 year old from Nuremberg, Germany, managed to get to where he is today. In this interview he tells us all about his successful time with us.

Harry what does your time with us look like so far?

I joined SELLBYTEL as a typical career changer, because I originally studied teaching. Shortly after my graduation in 2000 I started to work here as a sales specialist. From there I developed pretty quickly to Team Leader, Operations Manager and later Area Manager – initially at our location in Fuerth and later for other projects in Munich, Ratingen and Berlin. About six months ago I eventually took on the role of Director Operations LIVINGBRANDS.

And what does your current position exactly look like?

As my title indicates, I am responsible for the entire operational part of our business in Germany – and since recently also new business in Portugal. Respectively I am constantly in touch with our clients. I also take care of internal changes and make sure we always improve our processes. Besides, I ensure the constant development of our employees – helping others progress is something I originally learned in my studies and that’s still really important to me.

And what is the highlight of your role to you?

I really like the close collaboration and the permanent exchange with colleagues as well as clients. The same applies to the variety of my work, which is unbeatable! Having many different tasks can also be pretty challenging, though.

Speaking of challenges ... So is this term familiar to you?

Yes, definitely. Winning new projects is clearly one of my biggest challenges and goals. This challenges both me and my colleagues on all levels. I master that by constantly communicating and thinking strategically.

Which traits have additionally enabled you to move forward in your career?

As I hinted at before already, I am not afraid of challenges or change. This fearlessness has definitely allowed me to develop quickly career-wise. My motto is: not always necessarily be the first, but the best! (Laughs)

Any tips for young career starters?

Yes sure! Dare to try new things and don’t be afraid of difficult situations. That’s the way to learn from experiences, develop and go beyond your limits. Many times we only realize in very tricky situations, what we are actually capable of. This also includes dealing with setbacks in a professional way and motivating yourself.

And finally, how do you like to spend your time outside of SELLBYTEL?

I work as a radio host in my free time. Entertaining people, especially with interesting music, is great fun and has always been one of my true passions! Apart from that I am a very emotional soccer fan, I enjoy playing chess and table tennis.  But most preferably, I spend my time with my wife and kids.

Thanks a lot for the nice chat and all the best!

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Harry Schmidt

Director Operations LIVINGBRANDS

Phone +49 911 9339 5445