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“My high quality standards and expectations help me master challenges!”

Helena Stepanow,
Head of Recruitment & Strategy.

Interview from 18th of April 2017

Create long-term success 

Helena from Heidelberg has been an integral part of our HR department for more than two years. The 29 year old started with us as a Recruiter in 2015 and today – only two years later – she is the Head of Recruitment & Strategy. After the ambitious young woman had completed her dual Business Management Bachelor’s degree at University of Mannheim, she spent six months doing work & travel in Australia and later finished her Management Master’s with majors in Finance and HR in Nuremberg. After her graduation, Helena joined SELLBYTEL. In our interview she tells us all about her exciting time with us. 


Helena, what exactly does your career with SELLBYTEL look like?

I originally started as a Recruiter, where I collected valuable experiences in the recruitment of employees for our national as well as international locations. That gave me the opportunity to also recruit our executive personnel as a HR Manager. I took care of the entire process, from the development of the right search strategy, to the proactive candidate approach, the interview process and the contract management. So I know our recruitment from all perspectives. With this knowledge and the support of my superiors I was promoted to Head of Recruitment Strategy in November 2016. Thus, at SELLBYTEL my perfect role pretty much found me. 

That’s a pretty quick progress … what are your tasks in your current role?

I manage our recruitment and all related activities and projects. This includes the entire people management, the coordination of our daily tasks as well as the sustainable development of our department. 

And what do you like most about your role?

My tasks are very diverse and I learn new things all the time. To me it is about the variety of tasks!

I find the challenges in our daily work as well as the strategic component of my work particularly interesting. Every day I try to find out how we can improve even more, by questioning our strategies and processes. A good example is the candidate experience. We ask ourselves regularly: what is our target group, who do we want to employ, how do we find excellent employees and how can we support the best in every applicant? 

I further enjoy the exciting recruiting projects, the incredible dynamics, the quick decision-making, and the colleagues who always support me.

That sounds pretty complex. Are there other challenges too?

Definitely. I have a pretty high responsibility, which is a big challenge in itself. My ambition, high quality standards and expectations help me master every challenge, though. 

Which other qualities have further benefited your professional development? 

I find it super exciting to push things. I also have a great passion for Human Resources. The field combines many interesting themes, like people management, psychology, analytics, marketing and so much more.

I advice career starters in the HR area to complement their studies with good internships and to become working students. Here it is important to concentrate not only on the big names, but to also engage in roles that allow you to try different things. Sometimes it is worth starting a little smaller, prove your passion and skills and thereby create a great base for your professional future.

Have you set other goals for yourself for the coming years at SELLBYTEL?

Yes, sure. I definitely want to help my department grow and create long-term success. The best thing about HR is that it constantly changes, it never stands still, and new exciting trends come up regularly. There are always new topics I get to approach together with my motivated, innovative team.

Ultimately we want to know: how do you like to spend your free time? 

I am a passionate backpacker and I love traveling to exotic countries. Besides, I love dancing and trying out new things.

Thanks a lot for your time and all the best for your continuing career!

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Helena Stepanow

Head of Recruitment & Strategy

Phone +49 911 9339 3377