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“Drawing on fellow colleagues’ strengths is one of the best ways to progress!”

Jake Glendenning,
Market Development Representative.

Interview from 24th of June 2016

Draw on others’ strengths!

Major in Political Science at UC Berkeley, member of the parliamentary debate team, debate coach, manager for the Berkeley Student Cooperative, career in solar sales. And the list goes on: at the end of 2015 our colleague Jake Glendenning finally joined SELLYBYTEL as a Market Development Representative. The 23 year old from Irvine, US, just doesn’t seem to like boredom. In this latest interview he tells us all about his eventful time with us so far. 

Jake, what does your time with us look like so far?

My time so far has been great. I have been working at our client’s campus in Mountain View for over six months now.

And what does your job exactly consist of?

My current position involves a very close relationship with Account Managers from the client’s project. I function as a first point of contact for target enterprise accounts and I conduct research on companies that may benefit from utilizing the specific service. I also work closely with other teams including marketing and sales to coordinate future campaigns.

And what do you most like about your role?

I work closely with my teammates and we always push each other to do better. We want to do our best and innovate all the time. This culture of challenge and team-centered solution-finding really makes my work enjoyable.

So what kind of challenges have you faced?

Many people at SELLBYTEL work on multiple projects on top of their regular job responsibilities. Obviously this comes along with challenges sometimes. We tackle this by consulting one another and drawing on each other’s strengths. This includes brainstorm sessions, sending a document to a co-worker for editing or simply talking through a new idea over a game of table tennis.

What would you say made you get the opportunity to progress constantly in your career?

A lot of my work is based on communication. I think my college experience in competitive speech and debate really prepared me for a role requiring critical thinking and clear, concise communication. This also helped me become an even better team-player. My team is incredibly talented and smart. Drawing on my colleagues’ strengths is certainly something I took away from my experience as a debater.

Do you have any advice for people aspiring a career with SELLBYTEL?

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas! Everyone I work with values creative solutions. I’d encourage people to exercise their creativity and share new ideas with their teammates and superiors whenever possible.

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy home-brewing, going on hikes, reading sci-fi and philosophy, and volunteering with High School and College Parliamentary debate programs.

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best for your career with us!

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Jake Glendenning

Market Development Representative

Phone 001 650 214 1033