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“Embrace your flaws & turn them into strengths”

Jan Kruschet,
Global Program Director.

Interview on 11. Mai 2018

Stay ambitious!

Jan, our charismatic colleague from Barcelona, has had a quick development in his career since joining us in 2013. Honesty, transparency and loyalty are his virtues and he attributes his success to his entire team. He strongly believes that unity is strength and he couldn’t have made it this far, without the team work from his fellow colleagues. Having worked in different positions, Jan is a real expert when it comes to project management. Read our interview to find out more about his impressive career at SELLBYTEL. 

Jan, it’s been five years now since you joined SELLBYTEL. Please tell us more about your time with us so far! 

I started as a Technical Support Agent in 2013 in a new project that had just kicked off. Due to my previous experience in team leadership and the rapid growth of the project, I was able to quickly advance in my career. Taking up different tasks from other projects, I had the opportunity to work in different management positions. This gave me the platform to gain valuable experience, not only professionally but personally as well. I later returned to the initial project I started with and in January 2018, I got appointed as Global Program Director. I am excited about my new role which involves the strategic approach of global programs through leadership, business planning and relationship management with our client amongst others. I recently travelled to Malaysia to meet our team there face to face and it was wonderful to see fellow SELLBYTEL colleagues flourishing in a different and amazing culture and environment.

In your opinion, what personal characteristics are the secrets behind your success with SELLBYTEL?

I don’t take all the credit for the achievements (laughs), I believe that my success was made possible by my entire team and I am grateful for that. This started with my supervisors realizing my talent, guiding me and allowing me to grow. And I try to give back the same, because projects come and go but the professional growth of the individual keeps motivation sustainable in the long term. I am very demanding as a manager and director nonetheless, I am also transparent and a team player and I heavily include employees in the decision making process. They are not only hard working but also ambitious and I make sure they receive acknowledgement, employee appraisals and promotions to reward their efforts. 

How do you push through challenging times?

From a personal standpoint, I always remain calm and don’t get stressed out easily, which helps me a lot. My biggest asset though has always been my team and I’m confident to say that I’m able to spot talent and develop it early on. Without a capable team that proactively accepts responsibility, one can only do so much. When I have a rough day or a tricky situation to handle, I often encounter that my team already realized it and they also provide options to tackle this. That very feeling of reliability and team spirit is gold – I appreciate it a lot! 

So what do you particularly enjoy about your position?

I love the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona and of our company. Being part of a broad variety of heritage, culture, religion and language inspires me and also reflects best on my personal preferred way of life. One of mutual respect, freedom of speech and diversity of people with different views to learn from. 

What is your tip for people who would like to pursue the same profession?

Always be yourself! Because people will notice if you are pretending to be someone you are not and that never reflects well on your personality. All of us have flaws and weaknesses. Don’t try to hide them, embrace them openly. You will realize that this is a strength and your peers might be able to help you on your path.

And lastly, how do you spend your free time?

I enjoy cycling and playing basketball in my free time and I love playing computer games too. My inner child comes out quite often.

Thanks a lot for your time and the interesting Interview. All the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.

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Jan Kruschet

Global Program Director

Phone +34 93 400 5000 / 3021