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“My tip: ask a lot of questions and be open for new approaches!”

Jefferson Vuong,
Data Analyst

Interview from 25th of July 2015

Be Curious!

25 year old Jefferson Vuong from San José in California is what one would call a curious mind. The young man with Vietnamese roots completed his degree in Business Administration at the University of California in 2012. He started working at SELLBYTEL in 2013 as an Account Manager for a client, an international provider of internet services. In 2014, he joined SELLBYTEL Mountain View as a Data Analyst. And this April he got to spend three weeks at the client’s London offices for a special work assignment.

Jefferson, considering your young age, you have a very impressive study and work background. Would you give us an insight into your time with SELLBYTEL so far?

I joined SELLBYTEL in 2014 as a Data Analyst for our client. I am responsible for the renewal and extension of existing client contracts. I help manage and fix the data in our CRM tool and provide my colleagues with the important numbers they need for sales reviews and financial reports. I always have to make sure all global data is correct, accurate and up to date.

That sounds like a very responsible role, is there anything you particularly like about your position?

My job is like solving a puzzle every day. I love that! The great thing is, even though I work towards the same goal every day – which is optimizing the data quality – every challenge is unique in its own way.

You have recently been to London. What was the aim of this work assignment?

The main idea was for me to get to know a different office elsewhere in the world and to see how data is managed at other locations. I was really keen on learning and exchanging knowledge. Networking with fellow colleagues in Europe was another important goal. And, the trip was also a reward for my great efforts and work.

In your view, which other qualities helped you get this opportunity?

I think my proactivity was key. I simply asked my superior whether it was an option for me to visit another office to encourage the sharing of knowledge and strategies. He said yes. It was as simple as that! (laughs)

So how did you like London?

London is awesome! I love the city, its vibe and the great mixture of people from all over the world. It is such a privilege to be able to spend a few weeks working in this environment.  

What advice would you give to others pursuing a similar career with SELLBYTEL?

Show your supervisor that you are willing to do the work and to support. Ask a lot of questions and try new approaches. That way you find out what your real passion is. So be curious!

Would you recommend SELLBYTEL as an employer?

I would definitely recommend it. I am really grateful to have a job I can learn and grow so much from. Our location in Mountain View has quite a few perks: gym, cafés, great food and smart people from all over the world. The London offices have a proper “start-up feeling”, where everybody knows everyone. This is quite exciting too!

How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy running a lot, but cycling is my true passion and I do track racing. This is a great way to unwind. Besides I get to do sightseeing all the time. (laughs)

And finally, do the qualities needed for cycling also help you at work?

Oh yes, for sure. Cycling has taught me to never give up. I apply this in my professional life every day!

Thanks a lot for the fun interview and all the best to you!

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Jefferson Vuong

Data Analyst

Phone + 1 650 214 651 0