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“Always stay proactive, curious, and challenged”

Joan Tionko,
Marketing Development Manager.

Interview from 28th of December 2017

Challenge yourself!

Originally from Los Angeles, our lovely colleague Joan moved up to the Bay Area in 2011 and has since found a home there, enjoying San Francisco and growing her career. She joined SELLBYTEL shortly after finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 2014. In this interview, she gives us an insight into her career with SELLBYTEL so far.

Joan, please tell us some more about your career at SELLBYTEL.  

Sure! I joined SELLBYTEL in 2015 as a Sales Development Representative for one of our clients in Mountain View, California.

I was very fortunate to find myself in an environment where I was able to apply and develop the skills I previously gained in my architecture studies. While practicing my communication and customer relation skills as a SDR, my familiarity with graphic design, data analysis and data visualization allowed me to transition from a SDR to the team’s Data Analyst where I worked as a close bridge between the client and the performance of our team.

When did you start your current position and what does it involve?

Earlier this year, I transitioned to work as a Marketing Development Manager, supporting multiple SELLBYTEL clients globally and actively growing our scope in North America. I stay in close contact with my colleagues and offer consultative and hands-on support to promote operational excellence.

You do sound like you have found the perfect spot for yourself – what do you particularly like about your current position?

I am thankful that I am able to work with a team and manager who encourage me to stay proactive, curious, and challenged. I particularly enjoy the flexibility of my position and the trust that is put in me. I also love to challenge myself, advance and push a little further – at SELLBYTEL this has always been acknowledged and rewarded.

How do you spend your free time?

I love art and music. I frequently attend concerts, visit museums, and find myself wandering the city on nice days.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

SELLBYTEL gave me the opportunity to visit our projects in other countries where I was able to expand my understanding of our global counterparts. I strongly value diversity in thoughts, people, and environment – it’s great to have an employer who shares these values!

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best for your continuing career with SELLBYTEL!

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Joan Tionko

Marketing Development Manager

Phone +1 415 412 177