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“Some things just don’t work from one day to the next – being patient and persistent creates success”

Juan Toselli,
IT Project Manager.

Interview from 29th of November 2017

Be patient!

Our friendly colleague Juan Toselli from Spain is a man of action and his career truly is a success story. Since he joined SELLBYTEL in 2011, he steadily climbed the career ladder and became an essential part of the IT team in our hub in Barcelona. We value his expert IT knowledge, but also enjoy him as an compassionate and motivated colleague. We took the opportunity and asked Juan some questions about his time with SELLBYTEL so far.

Juan, how was your start at SELLBYTEL?

I still remember my first day vividly: it was Monday, the 7th of November in 2011. Wow, that’s already six years ago. When I started as a Service Desk Coordinator, the company was in a transition phase. That was really exciting, especially for me as a newbie. After seven months of becoming proficient with all my tasks within the service desk environment, I was promoted into a management position for our service desk and delivery team. That was the first time I managed my own team and it was a great start for my career at SELLBYTEL.

What does your current role with the SELLBYTEL Group involve?

My current role as an IT Project Manager involves a lot of organizational and leading tasks. People management, information management, IT tool management and more. Most of the time I’m busy with planning and implementing the IT environment for new projects or expanding existing ones. I make sure that all of our client’s needs on the IT side are met according to the established goals. To do so, I keep track of the timeline and also constantly consult with the clients to guarantee their satisfaction and the high quality of our work.

What do you enjoy most about your position?

I have a strong hands-on mentality so I really enjoy getting things done. But here’s what I think is really special about my position: I can work independently and make my own decisions but at the same time I always have this great team around me when I need advice or want to share ideas.

Do you also face any challenges? If so, can you give us an example?

Implementing the IT structure for a new customer is always challenging. It is very complex, and due to SELLBYTEL’s individual solutions, it’s also never just a routine job. Nevertheless, I enjoy these challenges. They make my job special as no two challenges are alike.

What do you think makes SELLBYTEL special as an employer?

During my six years at SELLBYTEL I grew a lot – personally as well as professionally. I always found myself in a very supportive environment that encouraged this kind of growth. In my opinion, SELLBYTEL offers all the right people and possibilities for further development and career progression.

Speaking of career progression. What is your advice for people who desire a development similar to yours?

“Patience” is definitely the magic word here. You have to accept that some things just don’t work from one day to the next – but if you keep on being patient and persistent you will definitely benefit from the results.

Last but not least: how do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I really enjoy walking my dog, trying new restaurants and especially when it’s raining, I watch my favorite series.

Thanks a lot for the interesting interview and all the best to you!

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Juan Toselli

IT Project Manager

Phone +34 9344 524 92