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“Be the best version of yourself – push yourself to grow”

Lenka Ticha,
Sales Operation Manager.

Interview on 03. August 2018

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Lenka who is originally from Vizovice, a small town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, moved to Prague to study Business Administration at the University of Economics. After successfully completing her master's degree, she went to Hampton University Virginia in the U.S. to do an additional MBA. She then relocated back home after finishing her studies and started her career as a Customer Service Manager with an automobile company in Prague. Experienced in leading customer service departments our goal-oriented and energetic colleague also worked as a CEO for a small IT development company before joining the SELLBYTEL Group. Read more on our latest inspiring success story as she gives us an insight into her career with us. 

Lenka, how has your time with us been so far? 

In May 2016, I joined SELLBYTEL as a Sales Operation Manager for our long-standing client in the IT industry and this was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The project was at its kickoff stage when I came onboard and it is so motivating to see how much we have grown! We have almost doubled our teams of service specialists and expanded our markets to include South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, just to mention a few. Currently, we serve around 38 countries all around the world from our hub in Prague.  

What exactly are your current tasks?

I am an all-rounder (laughs). My duties combine sales management, program management, and operation management. Basically, I do all things necessary to meet, fulfill and exceed the targets and expectations of our client. By giving my best all the time, I work hard to bring more value to all the stakeholders involved – the client, SELLBYTEL and my fellow work colleagues.

What do you love most about your role?

I am a very honest and fair person and I love all aspects of my job. I am the kind of person that you can always reach out to and I will reply with a smile on my face. I remember my interview with Thomas Kaschner our Vice President Global Key Accounts, and our client’s director. I was so excited and right then I knew that together we were going to make the project a real success. I think the more you like your job, the better results you achieve.  

How do you deal with challenging situations?

Coming from a very active background, I am competitive and it started when I was quite young and part of the Czech 100m hurdles national athletic team. I like challenging myself and I proactively seek opportunities to learn new things and develop further. I welcome all challenges because they are there to be conquered and to help us grow. There is always something to learn and I think it would be so boring without challenges.

What advice would you give to people looking for the same career with SELLBYTEL?

I truly believe that there is a career opportunity waiting for every single person. Please be proactive and work hard in everything you do and you will certainly achieve excellent results. Sometimes you need to be a little patient and your desired position will find you. 

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I love to be with my family. I have two little boys so I try to spend my evenings with them after work. You cannot imagine how inspiring kids can be. I used to play chess, but now I am almost the weakest in the family as my older son, who is nine years old, just won the Prague championship in chess for kids under 10 years. The younger one who is seven loves playing tennis and is really good at it. I couldn’t be more proud of them! And just like many Czechs, I enjoy playing tennis as well, and during the winter season, you can spot me skiing on one of the slopes. (laughs)

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.

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Lenka Ticha

Sales Operation Manager

Phone +420 606 068 517