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“find it very important to have fun at work!“

Lukas Brockmeier,
Team Lead Sales & Marketing.

Interview from 23rd of February 2017

Always fun at work

At the age of only 22, Lukas Brockmeier knows exactly what he wants. Lukas, who is originally from Nuremberg, has been the Sales and Marketing Team Lead for our client, a leading producer of premium hifi products, for six months. Lukas started at SELLBYTEL as a Sales Agent in November 2014. Before that he completed a commercial apprenticeship with a logistics company. In our latest interview he tells us all about his exciting development.

Lukas, what does your current role with SELLBYTEL exactly look like?

I manage my team here in Nuremberg and I also collaborate with our colleagues in Belgium for marketing and product related questions. This includes preparing reportings, I evaluate the team performance and I hold feedback talks. My focus, however, is always on employee motivation and the achievement of our client’s goals.

What do you like most about your day-to-day tasks?

My team is highly competent and I get along well with every member. Of course that makes the teamwork very pleasant. The hierarchies at SELLBYTEL are very flat, so you can approach anyone at any time with questions or concerns. I also really like our client’s products. So I come to work with a positive attitude, which really motivates me to do my best every day.

Which of your qualities have enabled you to develop constantly?

I have always tried to give more than was expected of me. Hence a good work ethic and strong goal orientation are a given for me. Communication is another one of my biggest strenghts.

And what would be the next step in your career?

I recently started our supervisor development (SVAP) program. I would really like to manage my current project one day as a Project Lead.

Do you have some tips for people looking for a similar career development?

Be brave, work hard and speak your mind. What I find most important, though, is that you should really be able to identify with what you do and then have fun with it.

And finally, how do you like to spend your leisure time?

I enjoy going to the movies, playing darts and snooker. What I enjoy most is spending time with my little family.

Thanks a lot for the interesting conversartion and all the best!

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Lukas Brockmeier

Team Lead Sales & Marketing

Phone +49 911 9339 3548