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“Motherhood and career: it’s all about time management!”

Maria Labrusco,
Program Director

Interview from 10th of February 2016

Motherhood Plus Career? No Problem!

Is it possible to be both a caring mother and a successful businesswoman? Yes, for sure! Maria Labrusco, Program Director for SELLBYTEL in Lisbon, perfectly demonstrates this. The friendly 43 year old Portuguese has always managed to combine motherhood with her SELLBYTEL career. In our latest interview she tells us all about how exactly she does that. 

Maria, first of all, would you tell us some more about your background and life before SELLBYTEL?

Yes, sure. I am a single mom of a daughter aged ten with whom I live in the beautiful outskirts of Lisbon. I grew up living in the most diverse countries with my parents, such as Mozambique, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. So being back in my home country now feels pretty good!

And how did your career with the SELLBYTEL Group begin?

I began in 2008 as a Vendor Line Manager in Inside Sales for Portugal and Africa for our client, a leading producer of network solutions. In 2010 I became Operations Manager for another client, an international producer of IT lifestyle products, and I also started to take care of the Site Management. Since 2014 I have been Program Director for the named partners in Lisbon and I also manage a service project of our IT lifestyle client at our Berlin hub.

Your position sounds pretty varied. What does it exactly look like?

I currently manage about 550 customer support specialists. That’s a pretty big team, so always keeping everyone happy and motivated can be quite a challenge. I also ensure that we meet the partner’s targets at all times. Besides that, I manage our site facilities and I make sure that travel management, HR, IT and other important divisions run smoothly.

Is there anything you particularly like about your position?

I always see myself as my team’s supporter that wants to make everyone happy. This can be very challenging, but that’s exactly what I like about it. I also find it rewarding how our site is constantly growing. We started, for example, with half a floor and now we are at three floors with one of our partners.

What interests us most … how do you manage your life as a mother and a successful business woman?

I feel like I balance my professional and private life pretty well. To me it is all about time management! Monday and Thursday evening, for instance, are always daughter time.

And finally … Which free time activities do you most enjoy?

I love spending time at the beach with my family, having lunch with them and exploring the beautiful city Lisbon. I am also very much into painting and reading with my daughter. So you see … my free time is just as varied as my job (laughs)!

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best to you!

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Maria Labrusco

Program Director

Phone +351 21 120 2741