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“My path to success: Service as a philosophy”

Markus Sixt,
Operations Manager

Interview from 12th December 2013

Service as a philosophy

Markus Sixt is a bundle of energy. “I am a high-voltage person,” is how he describes himself and yet he seems to be quite calm. The 36-year-old needs both a calm mind and tons of enthusiasm: he is the pillar of strength for a lot of employees and responsible for pushing his projects towards objectives.

Markus, how did you come to the SELLBYTEL Group?

That’s a long story.

Do tell us, we’re all ears.

Well, originally I was trained to be a communication electrician at Grundig, a company based in Nuremberg. After finishing my apprenticeship, I changed to customer service at Grundig. After three years, I got the opportunity to take over a position as team leader. I’m therefore thoroughly programmed in service-oriented thinking (laughs). Grundig became insolvent and even though I was transferred to the insolvency team, I was searching for a new professional goal. Back then, I found this goal with one of Germany’s largest job agencies in 1st level support on their user help desk. I was not directly employed by the job agency but by its service provider.

That doesn’t sound like a career ladder to me.

That’s right. But I made the best of it and developed further. After a year, I changed to 2nd level support. That’s where all the difficult IT problems are solved. At the same time, the job agency put support and implementation of the user help desk out to tender again. My then employer lost the project to the SELLBYTEL Group or, to be more precise, to its subsidiary HELPBYCOM. I applied for the same project at the SELLBYTEL Group and was offered the job as team leader for the 2nd lever user help desk. I was very excited about the trust they were putting in me and seized the opportunity. That was how I started with the SELLBYTEL Group.

Today you are operations manager for every service level and in charge of employees that can be counted in the three-digit range.

That’s right. Fortunately, I had the chance to develop professionally at the SELLBYTEL Group. I am extremely service-oriented and always focused on the expectations of our clients and the needs of our employees. That means that I am open to the issues concerning my team and that we communicate a lot. And I achieve my objectives. I strongly identify with my projects and tasks. As a consequence, I go that extra mile to deliver a 100 per cent result. At the end of the day, it is important that I achieve my goals.
Recently we were able to secure an important project in our region for the next few years. This is confirmation of my work and my philosophy. I have to say, though, that I am only able to do such a good job due to the trust that Volker Hässler, Managing Director of HELPBYCOM and SELLBYTEL, puts in me. He leaves me a lot of room to manoeuvre because he knows: “Markus will see to it.” On the other hand, it does mean that I do everything I can so as not to betray that trust. That would be bad service (laughs). And bad service simply doesn’t work!

Thanks for the interview.

Contact Markus Sixt

Markus Sixt

Operations Manager

Phone +49 911 9339 3005