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“A good feel for client needs: that’s what I’m about!”

Michael Kreuziger,
Sales Manager Global Accounts.

Interview from 26th of April 2016

Individual adaptation to the client is key

29 year old Michael Kreuziger has only been Sales Manager Global Accounts for the SELLBYTEL Group in Nuremberg since the beginning of the year. Yet his success is already remarkable. After Michael had graduated with a business degree he joined us as a Junior Consultant in October 2013, and shortly after he became Consultant. In our latest interview he tells us all about his exciting time with us.

Michael, what does your current position with us exactly look like?

In short, I work in sales and I am responsible for the acquisition of new clients. Here I mostly work with internationally leading brands. My typical day includes external client meetings, preparing and holding pitches, telephone conferences and site visits of our locations or hubs with potential clients.

And what do you like most about your role?

The companies I work with are present around the globe. I love this internationality also when it comes to my colleagues, because I regularly collaborate with people from Barcelona, Lisbon or also Kuala Lumpur.

That sounds like you are made for sales … Have you always wanted to work in this field?

I have always been up for a position with a lot of client contact. So sales was a pretty logical consequence. The different challenges I face there are particularly exciting.

Speaking of challenges … Are these part of your daily work?

I certainly face challenges quite often. However, this is what makes my job really interesting. For instance, I frequently have to deal with several tasks at once. That’s why I always try to prioritize in a clever and forward-looking way.

I am also in constant contact with very different companies. Hence every single time I have to individually adapt and watch out how I talk to different people. I manage that better and better, because I have developed a pretty good feeling for the various needs and cultures of clients.

Which of your characteristics have enabled you to move forward in your career?

I am very open-minded, direct and honest. Plus, my persuasiveness and thoroughness benefit me again and again.

Do you have some tips for people who aspire a similarly successful career within SELLBYTEL?

Work hard, don’t give up as soon as something doesn’t work out straight away and be present. That’s always helpful. The key thing to me is, though: Share your successes with others and don’t be afraid to communicate them! So be proud of what you achieved!

And finally, how do you like to organize your leisure time?

I am a huge fan of the soccer club 1. FC Nuremberg. I also love mountaineering. This year I will go to the Dolomites and to Austria. I also try to go to the gym two to three times a week.

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best for your career!

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Michael Kreuziger

Sales Manager Global Accounts

Phone +49 911 9339 3318