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“The recipe for my success? Being persistent, hardworking and eager to learn!”

Muhamet Abdullahu,
Account Manager

Interview from 30th of October 2017

Focus on your goals

Muhamet, our 30-year old colleague with Kosovan roots is a real all-rounder - in his various thrilling hobbies, as well as on the job. Before he joined SELLBYTEL at our Kuala Lumpur hub almost four years ago, he completed his degrees in multiple specializations: a B.Sc. in IT, a M.Sc. in Management Science and a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management. What an exciting résumé! In this interview he tells us more about himself and his career with SELLBYTEL.

Muhamet, please tell us a little about your career within SELLBYTEL!

Sure! I joined SELLBYTEL in 2014 as a service specialist for a software and hardware producer. Shortly after, I was promoted to Account Management Specialist and after three years I grew into my current role as an Account Manager for an international provider of internet services.

What tasks exactly does your current role with the SELLBYTEL Group involve?

I am the main point of contact for our client, who by the way, is one of SELLBYTEL’s biggest key accounts with innovative online products. I manage the APAC region by coordinating the tasks between the client and our internal teams, including operations, recruiting, training and development. My goal is always to improve the customer experience and strengthen our partnership.

Is there anything you particularly enjoy about your position?

I love the fact that my position is very much aligned with my personal core values. I can totally be myself – on the job just like in my free time.

Do you also face challenges? If so, how do you handle them?

We work within an environment that is not only dynamic but also fast-paced in terms of change. The challenge is to be very quick and respond proactively to these sometimes unpredictable changes. That’s not always easy, but the more experience I gain, the easier it becomes to identify those challenges and solve them quickly.

What qualities allowed you to progress in your career?

Being persistent, hardworking and eager to learn. I often failed, but never even thought about giving up. Those are the qualities I developed and continued to grow during my career progression with SELLBYTEL … and it payed off!

How do you like to spend your free time?

I’m a sports fanatic! My favorites are soccer and swimming, but I enjoy everything that involves being active and that leaves me exhausted (laughs). For more relaxing activities, I love to just sit down, read and do research. However, I never miss a chance to get up, pack my bags and see the world.  

Any final thoughts you would like to share with us?

Always be aware of what your goals are. If you keep your faith and commitment strong, you’ll get there eventually.

Thanks for the nice interview and all the best for your continuing career!

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Muhamet Abdullahu

Account Manager

Phone +60 1839 20961