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“Success does not lie in results but in efforts – keep going! “

Nasima Salimova,
Global Account Director.

Interview on 08. June 2018

Nothing is impossible!

Nasima, originally from Moscow, moved to Barcelona for her Master’s degree in Marketing Management. Soon after successfully completing her studies, she got the offer to join the SELLBYTEL Group in 2010. Initially, she planned to stay for one year to gain the work experience abroad but as fate may have it – she never left. Our zealous colleague admits that staying in Barcelona was one of the best decisions she has ever made. In our latest success story, she tells us more about her exciting career with us.

Nasima, can you please tell us more about your career at SELLBYTEL?

Sure! I joined SELLBYTEL eight years ago, with a lead generation role for one of the IT projects. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to be Supervisor for a project with sales and technical roles. After a couple of years in this function, I started to work for one of the biggest programs in SELLBYTEL focused on sales in the IT industry – growing successfully from Supervisor to Project Manager and then to Sales and Program Director.

That’s remarkable! When did you start your current position and what does it involve?

I was recently appointed as an Account Director and am now responsible for one of the key accounts on a global level. My goal is to further strengthen SELLBYTEL’s relationship with our client – a worldwide leading IT provider. Our long-standing client is one of the oldest and biggest partners who I have closely worked with for many years. My role entails, assuring best practice between the stakeholders and within our hubs, while focusing on innovations, efficiency, added value and customer satisfaction. 

What do you enjoy about your position?

I assumed the Global Account Director position two months ago and I am still in the process of settling into my new role and responsibilities. Nonetheless, I am delighted to see how meaningful and important my operational knowledge and background in sales and project management are. I enjoy speaking the same language with the customers and understanding all aspects of their situations – from financial and contractual to business, organizational, quality and the day-to-day routine. It is very exciting to be a part of the global team and contributing to the company’s success. 

What is special about SELLBYTEL as an employer?

SELLBYTEL provides an outstanding opportunity to work with the most fascinating global brands and amazing people from all over the world. Any role you start with can be the first step into a great career – if you want to and if you put effort into it. Not forgetting that Barcelona is one of our key locations – it has been an important factor for me too. This beautiful city is definitely worth sticking with. 

What is especially important to you in your professional life?

People. My team. I have been extremely lucky to work with talented, professional, creative and committed individuals throughout my career. I am a strong believer that it is always a team that makes a difference. We are ambitious, we all work hard and always strive to achieve more. But we also have a lot of fun. Always, no matter what. And I cannot be grateful enough for all of that.  

You’ve already achieved quite a lot in your professional life. Do you still have goals?

Here is another amazing aspect of SELLBYTEL as an employer, which doesn’t stop to surprise me even after all these years: every time I think I am close to reaching the limit of possibilities to further grow and develop – yet another door opens. So yes, I still do and always will have goals as part of SELLBYTEL, the main one for now though is, to make sure I exceed the expectations in my role as an Account Director.  

How do you spend your free time?

Free time? Not familiar with the concept (laughs). On a serious note however, I am a travel addict and a bookworm as well. Hiking, biking, camping, cities, jungle, countryside, road trip – I love them all! The more the better and I use every single opportunity to go out there and explore. This plus a good book in my hands – is my personal paradise. 

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.

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Nasima Salimova

Global Account Director

Phone +34 691 255 880