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“I always make sure to get everyone on the same page!”

Niña Gallegos,
Program Director

Interview from 24th of July 2017

Let the human factor decide

She was born in the Philippines, and later moved to China and Kuala Lumpur to give her career that next push. In her role as a Program Director for our client, a multinational software corporation, Niña Gallegos continues to travel the world. The 38 year old, who has been a part of our SELLBYTEL Kuala Lumpur team for five years, previously worked in IT sales. In this interview, she tells us all about her astonishing career with SELLBYTEL.

Niña, how has your career grown within the SELLBYTEL Group?

Five years ago, I started at SELLBYTEL managing the SMB inside sales team for the Australian market for our client, an international software and hardware producer. Two years ago I moved on to managing our program for a multinational software corporation.

So what tasks does your current role involve?

I am responsible for the delivery and overall success of our client’s global demand generation team across Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Tempe, Arizona.

And what do you enjoy most about your daily tasks? 

I am very fortunate to have strong, energetic teams across the three different locations. My team members are some of the funniest, most thoughtful and sweetest people I’ve met. Hence, no matter how challenging things get, my colleagues always help me make every task more enjoyable and fun. I very much look forward to seeing my teams in Barcelona and Tempe again soon. 

Our partner is also super supportive and considers us an equal part of their team, which is very rewarding.

So what would be typical challenges for you? 

Keeping everyone engaged to the same level can be very challenging. There are so many backgrounds, languages, cultures, and not to mention different time zones we have to cover. Even if employees work as separate teams at three different locations, we always want them to feel connected as one global team. Considering the various language requirements we have in a global team, recruitment can get tough sometimes as well.

My role also demands a lot of traveling. I was away for six weeks recently traveling to Barcelona and Tempe. So things cerainly do get a bit hectic sometimes.

In your opinion, what qualities do you need to become a Program Director?

Being a Director, you need to have strong leadership skills. Beyond knowing the processes and the business itself, it’s about communicating and laying out a vision of where we need the team to be and making sure everyone is on the same page. The human component plays a major role here. Imagine the daily interaction with a highly diverse range of individuals with unique concerns, motivations, and challenges, and having to balance those.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I am currently trying to brush up on my Spanish, which is really fun. I also love to travel. To this date, I have visited 51 cities across 20 countries, and I definitely plan on adding more. I love to read fiction and romance as well, I cook, paint and spend my free time watching my favorite shows. And I enjoy shopping ... maybe even a bit too much! (Laughs) 

Any final thoughts you’d like to share with us?

Sure. People often ask me how I reached this point in my career, and I simply always tell them to take every opportunity to learn something new.

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best!

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Niña Gallegos

Program Director

Phone +603 2787 5907