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„I want to create aha! moments!“

Paolo Seyfarth,
Trainer & Coach

Interview from 9th October 2014

It’s all about the “aha! moments”

More than 10 successful years in training and coaching. This is so far the resume of Paolo Seyfarth, Senior Trainer & Coach at the SELLBYTEL Group daughter aha! TALENTEXPERTS. Whenever the 45 year old from Nuremberg does something, he puts all of his passion into it. Thus, Paolo wants to create real “aha! moments” for his participants during his trainings.

Paolo, you have been with the SELLBYTEL Group for one year and a half now. What did you do before?

Before my time with SELLBYTEL I studied Business and then worked as a Consultant in Customer Relationship Management in Munich for five years. After that, I worked as a personnel developer in Nuremberg, before I worked as a freelance consultant and trainer for six years. I started with aha! TALENTEXPERTS in March 2013.

Sounds like an eventful career. What exactly does your current role involve?

As a trainer and coach I operate in various SELLBYTEL projects. I give communication trainings for new employees, I work with our Tipping Point Training System and I lead the management development program for team leaders of LIVINGBRANDS, the SELLBYTEL Group’s sales subsidiary. I support our employees in service and sales projects through side by side coachings during their work on the phone. I also train different external clients of aha! TALENTEXPERTS, who greatly appreciate our broad experience.

What do you especially like about your job?

I like the continuity, thus the collaboration with people over a longer time period and I find the variety in the different projects and with external clients very interesting. I am especially pleased when the participants of my trainings experience true “aha! moments”. By that I mean that I lead their attention to things they were previously unaware of or that they have not noticed, e.g. the connection between intention and effect.

You have more than ten years of experience as a trainer. What are your tips to other less experienced trainers?

Open-mindedness, willingness to learn and communication talent are super important in this job. Always put your all into your work and reflect on yourself constantly. I find it very important to treat everyone in the same respectful way, be it a service specialist or an area manager. This demonstrates appreciation. You should also love the work with many different people. What helped me a lot is the fact that I previously worked in consulting, where I got to know various industries. In this particular industry, career changers are very welcome by the way.

And finally, how do you like to spend your precious free time?

I have a little son, who keeps me busy and with whom I love to spend every free minute. I am also a big fan of urban gardening and I am an active member of the Nuremberg City Garden.

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best for your future!

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Paolo Seyfarth

Trainer & Coach

Phone +49 911 9339 6232