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“My broad network makes me grow continuously – both professionally and personally!”

Stefanie Full,
Head of Travel- & Facility-Management.

Interview from 11th of April 2016

A Good Personal Network Is Priceless!

At the age of about 20, the today 35 year old Stefanie Full joined the SELLBYTEL Group as an Apprentice. Now, 16 years later, she is Certified Travel Manager, Head of Facility Management / Travel Management, Head of Front Desk Nuremberg / Fuerth and Apprenticeship Coordinator. So it is about time to give us a detailed insight into her impressive development.

Stefanie, what do your last 15 years with us look like?

I original joined as an Apprentice in 2000. After that I took over a role in the Accounting department. In 2005 I went to work at our front desk and I took care of our Travel Management. Shortly after, I started to manage our Apprentices and our buildings. In 2012 I finally became Head of Front Desk.

That’s a pretty varied position … What does it exactly involve?

I take care of the cost management for hotels, I book business trips and I process the corresponding invoices. Besides that, I recruit and manage our Apprentices. I organize relocations and equip new projects and locations. And whenever things get really busy, I also support my colleagues at the front desk.

And what exactly makes your work so interesting?

My job is very diverse and I never know what awaits me the next day. The short distances to colleagues and the flat hierarchies are further very pleasant. That means I am closely connected with the various departments. I also find it super rewarding to see our apprentices’ development from the start until the end of their apprenticeship.

How do you actually achieve such an interesting development?

I have always been pretty ambitious, honest and direct. So I always speak my mind. I further have great colleagues that I can always rely on. And: I always happily take on their support. Plus, over the years I have built a very broad network within the company. That has enabled me to grow a lot both professionally and personally.

Do you also encounter any challenges? If so, how do you master them?

A good connection to colleagues is very important, but this can also be tricky – if it is too close. That’s why I always try to find a balance between camaraderie and business. The diversity of my tasks can also be challenging. At the same time I know all the interfaces and processes in the company, which often facilitates my work a lot.

Do you also have some tips for people who want to start a similar career?

Always be yourselves. And find out the set target before you approach a task.

And finally … how do you like to spend your free time?

I regularly take part in steeplechases. Moreover I spend a lot of time with my partner in Vienna visiting friends and I also love travelling in general.

Thanks a lot for the friendly talk and all the best!

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Stefanie Full

Head of Travel- & Facility-Management

Phone +49 911 9339 3731