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“It’s never a one-man show, team work is key”

Sulaiman Sheriff,
Training & Quality Manager

Interview von 10. Mai 2019

Go beyond your comfort zone!

Sulaiman spent his early childhood days in the southern city of Chennai in India before migrating with his family to the Middle East. Upon completion of his high school in UAE, he had a great opportunity to study Comparative Religion in Malaysia. Due to his early exposure to numerous cultures, he developed his passion towards studying culture and its roots in religion. His understanding of people, culture and their behavior, enhanced his communication and persuasion skills. This led him to start his career in sales which was quickly followed with a promotion to Team Lead.

And to strengthen his competence in people management, he enrolled for a Masters of Management program at the Graduate School of Management in International Islamic University Malaysia (GSM – IIUM). In 2013, he successfully graduated and with more than seven years of experience in Sales & Training, he applied with Sellbytel. Read our latest success story to find out more about Sulaiman’s career path.

When did you join SELLBYTEL and how has your time been like so far? 

I joined Sellbytel in 2013 as the very first trainer for one of our biggest clients in APAC. Due to the excellent professionalism shown, the client decided to expand coverage from APAC markets to English speaking markets as well which gave our team the platform to develop and expand the project. Being the only trainer, I had the responsibility to train our employees in our location. This became an advantage for me as I was seen as the go to person for any product or process related issue. 

Owing to my prior experience in sales and my knowledge on product and process, I had the chance to move from trainer to operations of the sales team in 2016. The results delivered with the sales team improved further, which resulted in an overall growth of the whole team. I was then appointed as the Operations Manager for the same team in 2017 where I managed the sales team in India along with the team in Kuala Lumpur. 

Sellbytel is certainly a place where talent meets opportunity. In my case, this turned out to be very true. Although I have had promotions and movement within Sellbytel, I feel as if my journey in Sellbytel has just began. In early 2019 I was promoted to Program Manager of Operation, Training and Quality.   

What’s your current role all about?

As a Program Manager of Operations, Training and Quality, I spend a great deal of time in designing and shaping strategies for the Operations and Training and Development team to not only exceed clients’ expectation but also add value to them in the global and local markets. Our biggest asset are our people. My position also gives me the opportunity to anticipate and create personnel development plans for the entire organization to meet current and future challenges. 

What are you most passionate about in your job?

Now that I manage Operations along with Training & Development, it gives me the platform to develop specific tools that help identify, fix and monitor mismatch issues of employee competencies. I am passionate about people development and I ensure that my team grows along with me. With the experience I have gained from operations and training, I have the possibility to reposition people according to their competencies and to set them and their teams for greater success. 

Could you please describe a project you successfully managed, the challenges you faced and what you did to overcome them?

In 2016 when I took over the sales team, we were faced with various challenges which was turned around in just one year. The two key strategies that I used here were transparency with the clients and a focus on every small detail (which is sometimes overlooked)  

The partnership that we have with our clients is built on a great deal of trust. Knowing that the client focuses on quality of work, we ensured that every single member in the team delivered the best quality on every call that they handled. After optimizing the quality of communication, the team started to achieve higher sales targets which consequently led our client to award us with more projects.   

In your opinion, which of your qualities have enhanced your career development? 

Transparency & honesty in client management and honest intention to develop myself and the people around me created a podium for growth and more importantly the ability to adapt to the fast growth. 

Any future goals?

Yes of course (smiles) My goal is to support and enhance the Sellbytel | Webhelp family to establish a deeper and wider footprint especially in APAC. 

And finally, how do you like spending your free time?

I am a person who loves to drive away from the busy traffic of the city and enjoy nature and the calmness of the country side along with my family. I also enjoy watching some feel-good movies. (smiles) 

Thanks a lot for the interesting Interview and all the best in your future SELLBYTEL | Webhelp career.


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Sulaiman Sheriff

Training & Quality Manager

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