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“I love working independently and enjoying a great amount of trust!”

Swen Bethke,
Senior Operations Manager.

Interview from 14th of September 2016

Working independently: that’s my thing!

He just celebrated his tenth anniversary at the SELLBYTEL Group. Reason enough to ask our colleague Swen what has changed since his last interview two and a half years ago. Back then the 38 year old was Operations Manager. Now he is Senior Operations Manager in Berlin.

Swen, today you are Senior Operations Manager. Please tell us some more about your responsibilities.

I am the direct point of contact for our client, a leading IT-Service/IT-Consulting company. I work across projects and take care of our client’s customers’ global management. I do that from three different client locations – two in Berlin and one in Leipzig.

I also see myself as a kind of firefighter. By that I mean, wherever there’s fire, I’m there to take care of extinguishing it. This includes the improvement of our quality, productivity or generally processes.

And what exactly do like about your job as a “firefighter”?

I’m lucky enough to be able to work very independently. This includes a great deal of trust from my superiors and clients. People trust me, that what I do is right. This gives me a lot of confidence. My role is also very divers and there are constantly new challenges.

You already told us in your last interview that you like taking on challenges and tricky situations. Is this still the case?

Yes, especially when I get the chance to learn something new. I can definitely say that I have again grown both professionally and personally in the last couple of years. That really helped me become even more confident.

Any tips for people who want a similar career path within the SELLBYTEL Group?

Show your motivation to constantly learn something new and to adapt quickly to new situations.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time with my kids and my wife. I also like to go fishing with friends.

And finally, what would you say: how do you manage to combine job and family in a position like yours?

You should definitely make the most out of your time outside of work. This includes establishing firm rituals, like putting your kids into bed every night. Don’t ever lose sight of your private life.

Thanks for the interesting talk and all the best!

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Swen Bethke

Senior Operations Manager

Phone +49 151 1504 1824