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“Inspire people and encourage them to grow”

Thomas Stark,
Head of Global Operations.

Interview on 28. September 2018

“A team always achieves better results than an individual”

Meet our charming colleague Thomas who was born in Rostock, a city in northern Germany that is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. Since his childhood, he learned to appreciate what he has, to stay humble and to be a team player. He strongly believes that we achieve more when we work together as a team. After finishing high school, he completed an apprenticeship and graduated with a degree in commercial sales. He joined the German military for one year and later on, enrolled for a dual education program at the university, in his pursuit of personal growth. In 2004, he successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In our latest success story, Thomas tells us more about his career development since joining SELLBYTEL.

Thomas, when did you join SELLBYTEL and how has your time with us been so far?

I joined SELLBYTEL in April 2005 as a Field Sales Representative and I can’t believe that it’s been 13 years already! Time really does fly! The most fascinating thing about it is – there hasn’t been one single day I considered boring. That’s one of the success recipes of SELLBYTEL. Identifying your talents, strengthening them with profound training and ensuring you have the right mentorship. The last decade has been an interesting ride and I am proud of the track record we have achieved together.

What exactly does your current position entail?

As Head of Global Operations for our client, an international leader of network solutions, I’m responsible for delivering exceptional service and identifying new areas to create value for the customer. My tasks also include the establishment of operational excellence that involves engagement models, performance reviews, people development, and business innovations all while driving profitability and growth for our client.

What do you like most about your current position?

Developing and inspiring my team. I provide them with a vision and the best tools to inspire the employees so that we as IT consultants provide an exceptional service to our partner. I’m driven by people development – simply making the difference in other people’s lives.

How do you push through challenging times in your professional life?

First of all, I put things in perspective. Nothing is as bad as it seems. I am optimistic and always do a personal reflection. I don’t excuse the situation or try to explain why it is as it is. Focusing on the issue, we solve it as a team and later on, analyze the root cause to learn for the future. Keep the communication channels open during any issue. If you stop communicating, you have lost already. Look at challenges as amazing opportunities to learn something new, take responsibility for your team and always stay constructive. Put yourself in your opponent’s shoes. It gives you such a different perspective and helps you in finding the best solution.

With all that in mind, always remember: Use your energy to change things you can change and make a difference to someone. Accept that you sometimes can’t change certain things and move on.

In your opinion, what is special about SELLBYTEL as an employer?

Boring days at SELLBYTEL? Nonexistent. Challenging days? Plenty. Constant learning? Guaranteed. Career opportunities are countless, if you pursue them. At SELLBYTEL you are the architect of your career and I do appreciate that a lot. (Smiles)

What is your advice for people who would like to pursue the same profession?

Find your sweet spot, your passion. Don’t try to copy someone – be yourself. Grow with your personality and shape it over the years. Become brilliant in one thing, not average in a lot of things. Be aware of your weak points and create a team around you, that supports you. Together you will be unbeatable!

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I have four passions that have been my driving force all my life – either during my free time or when at work. They are:

1. Family – I’m blessed to have two amazing and incredibly talented daughters and I have the most wonderful person on earth, my wife.

2. Developing people and getting the best out of them – Identify one unique skill on a person and support them to do the best.

3. Running and other outdoor activities – it's where I find balance in my hectic life. Without running, I’d have never achieved my results in business and in my personal life. It keeps me sharp, focused and dedicated. Today, I run all types of distances including marathons.

4. Give back and make the world a better place – every day, do one little thing to improve the world we are living in. Stay kind and treat every person as you would like to be treated. Life will pay it back and together we can achieve everything.

Last but not least, live sustainably, we don’t own the planet, we are just invited to live on it.

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for your future SELLBYTEL career.


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Thomas Stark

Head of Global Operations

Phone +351 91 208 1810