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“Seeing the results of my work gives me great satisfaction!”

Vanessa González,
Office Manager & Personal Assistant.

Interview from 19th of January 2017

Great Results = Great Satisfaction

She has been a long-time member of the SELLBYTEL Barcelona family: Vanessa González joined SELLBYTEL 16 years ago. She originally started as an Office Assistant. Today, she is also the Personal Assistant of our CEO SELLBYTEL Spain. In this interview she tells us all about her time with us.

Vanessa, please tell us about you and your career at SELLBYTEL. 

I started working at SELLBYTEL as a Receptionist and Part Time Advisor 16 years ago. I have been the Office Manager here in Barcelona for eleven years, supporting our Reception, Management and all kinds of projects. With regards to the Reception department, I support the team for instance in organizing events and managing travel arrangements.

I am also the Personal Assistant of our President, Helena Guardans i Cambó, and our Operations Director, Julio Jolín, managing their diaries, travels and anything else they need support with.

What would you say makes this position special for you?

I put in a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. And when I eventually see the results of my work, I feel great satisfaction.

Have you faced any challenges as well?

Sure. For me, one of the biggest challenges was to leave to London for a year to improve my English. I studied hard and when I came back, I took on more responsibilities and I was also able to communicate much better with colleagues and clients.  

What are your tips to others who would like to have a similar career path?

Always be prepared to collaborate with colleagues and clients. Be flexible and adapt to changes.

SELLBYTEL has given me the chance to grow both personally and professionally. I feel very fortunate to be part of this big family!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I am a very active person. Every weekend I try to make plans with my family and friends. I love all kinds of sports, but right now my main passion is paddle tennis! This year I joined a team that plays in the Catalan league and I am very excited about that. I also love traveling, getting away with the car and hiking in the mountains. But I have to admit, my perfect destination is a beautiful beach!

Thanks a lot for the friendly interview and all the best!

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Vanessa González

Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Phone + 34 93 547 31 90