“It´s all about transparency!“

Victor Manzanera,
Program Manager.

Interview from 21st of May 2014

Career on the fast track

Originally from Spain, Victor Manzanera, SELLBYTEL Group Program Manager EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) for the client, an international provider of internet services, spent most of his youth in England. Yet after his graduation from school, the young man decided to move back to his sunny birth country. Today, the 27-year-old lives in Barcelona and continuously works on advancing his career with the SELLBYTEL Group. Ever since his beginnings with the outsourcing specialist, Victor has been living his employer’s philosophy “transparency is key”.

Victor, your career with the SELLBYTEL Group started more than four years ago. Can you give us an idea of your development

Sure. I started as a part-time Service Representative for a client project in 2009. After I graduated from University in April 2010, I was offered a full-time position as a Supervisor with the same client, but for a different project and the Spanish market. I soon became Team Manager for the Nordic Market. In the end of 2012, I started as an Program Manager for my current client’s project. Back then, the project was still in the implementation phase, which was totally my thing. Since April 2014, I am the manager for all of my client’s projects in Barcelona.  

So what exactly does your current role involve?

I principally oversee the entire operational side of the projects, while acting as the operational link between SELLBYTEL and the client. I take care of the KPIs, strategy setting, goal achievement, forecasting results, ensuring growth and very importantly, employee motivation.

Your development is remarkable. What made you advance so fast?

I think the key is that I have always really cared about my team members. I try to be as transparent as I can. I like to inform them about what is going on and how we do things. Most importantly, I want them to understand why we do what we do. My ultimate goal is to make my team happy and get the best out of everyone day in day out. I do this by treating all employees equally and by respecting them just as much as the customer. All of that can be fairly challenging at times.

You seem to be a real challenge-seeker. Or am I mistaken?

No no… you are definitely right (laughs). I am the type that thrives with challenges. I love the fast-paced environment we are in with SELLBYTEL. I have to be on top of everything every single day and improve constantly, even when we are already at a very good level.

What is your greatest SELLBYTEL challenge?

I have to be extremely detail-oriented. That is, by the way, how you really achieve results. I also have to make sure my team members really believe in our strategy and give the best they can every day.

What would be your key advice to SELLBYTEL starters?

My tip for new employees is to be patient and positive. Give yourself time to learn and really understand the business. And don’t forget: “transparency is key”.

Thanks for the interview and all the best for your future!

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Victor Manzanera

Program Manager

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