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“My personal motto: focus and have fun!”

Vina Sarna,
Head of Training & Development.

Interview from 20th of May 2016

It’s all about working hard and having fun! 

At the age of only 29, our colleague Vina knows what it means to aim high. After she had originally studied Airport Management and started her career in sales, the friendly young woman from Malaysia soon discovered her real passion: training and coaching. Ever since then she has worked her way up and is now Head of Training & Development at SELLBYTEL Kuala Lumpur. In this latest interview she tells us all about her time with us.

Vina, first of all, please tell us some more about your career with us.

Sure. I joined SELLBYTEL APAC in November 2011 as a Sales Coach / Soft Skills Trainer for our client, a leading software and hardware producer. I spent 2 ½ years in this role training over 200 people across APAC. This included induction, ongoing training, brown bag sessions and quality monitoring.

In February 2014 I began to work at the Project Management Office (PMO) and shortly after in January 2015 I became Head of Training & Development for Sellbytel APAC.

And what is your current role exactly about?

I have to say my role is pretty broad. I am responsible for all Training & Quality matters for the APAC clients. That includes New Hire Training, Career Development, Coaching / Mentoring and Management Training.

That’s quite something … Any favorite tasks?

I feel like the Training Department is like an ambassador for the SELLBYTEL Group. We are the first ones new employees meet, so creating a good impression is very important and interesting as well. I also thoroughly enjoy making the training process a valuable experience for all employees.

And what would you say made you get the opportunity to progress?

It’s a variety of things, but mostly the support I receive from my team and the Management. They just make me want to strive for greater goals and grow together.

Have you encountered any challenges as well? If so, how do you tackle them?

Absolutely. I can say that I take every challenge as it comes and I face it with the right attitude. That means I have fun and focus on performing at the same time. That’s all it really takes!

So what would you tell others who aspire a similar career with SELLYBTEL?

Never hesitate to ask questions and strive to learn new things every day.

And … what do enjoy doing do in your free time?

I have always tried to separate my work from my private life. So outside the office I totally concentrate on my family and dogs. It’s really important to me to have this balance!

Thanks a lot for the interesting chat and all the best for your career!

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Vina Sarna

Head of Training & Development

Phone +60 327 875 842