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“My personal motto: move on quickly and concentrate on what’s to come!”

Vladislav Gogulinsky,
HR & Recruitment Specialist.

Interview from 13th of December 2016

Move on and focus on what’s ahead!

He started off studying at the University of Prague. Later our HR & Recruitment Specialist Vladislav - or as we call him “Vlad” - worked in business development for a telecommunications company as well as in operations for a hotel. In 2015 the 24 year old, who has his roots in Ukraine, finally joined SELLBYTEL’s HR department in Prague. In this interview he tells us all about his time with us.

Vlad, how has your career with SELLBYTEL developed so far?

Well, I started off as a HR & Recruitment Assistant. Thanks to my manager I had a pretty steep learning curve from the start, so I got the chance to prove myself as a HR & Recruitment Specialist shortly after. That was in April 2015. In this role I am responsible for all HR topics at our hub in Prague.

You didn’t originally start your career in Human Resources. How did you end up with it?

l have always liked human interaction and psychology. I wanted to be involved in business and also human relations. So I took a step into HR, and since I enjoyed it, I decided to stay and develop in it. Given my open-minded and outgoing personality, I think I made the right choice. SELLBYTEL has provided me with a great working environment and contributed to my positive development.

And what does your current position exactly consist of?

I am responsible for recruiting new employees, making sure we comply with the Czech labor regulations and taking care of our payroll, recruiting strategy and daily operations. Being creative and innovative is very important here. Recently we also got a new HR assistant, who supports me in my daily tasks.

Is there anything you particularly like about your daily work?

I am pretty independent in my role. That involves making decisions every day. I feel great trust between me and my superiors, which helps a lot in making important decisions. Also, I like the pleasant work environment and friendly people I work with. What makes me develop even more is the fact that I get to tackle challenges that are not always directly related to HR.

What traits have enabled you to move forward in your career?

Definitely my language skills! Czech and Russian are my mother tongues, plus I am fluent in English. On top of that, I am a very open-minded, rather unconventional and liberal decision-maker. And: I like to keep things short and simple. The most important thing to me is, though: I do not stress over things that happened in the past. Instead I move on fast and instead focus on what’s to come!

Do you have any tips for those interested in a similar career?

Sure! Take your time, make your work more enjoyable by not stressing over it, do your best and you will be rewarded accordingly. Don’t care too much about what others say or think about you, make your own decisions and do whatever makes you happy.

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy making music a lot. At the moment I am learning to play the ukulele, I write songs and I try to compose. I am also a passionate actor. I engage in student diploma films, projects, commercials and photography. So you see, my leisure time is very much dominated by arty hobbies!

Thanks very much for the inspiring chat and all the best!

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Vladislav Gogulinsky

HR & Recruitment Specialist

Phone +420 296 736 800