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“I always do unto others what I expect them to do to me!”

Yin Ming-Fen,
Head of Project Management Office.

Interview from 1st of April 2016

I Always Lead By Example!

Our colleague Ming grew up on the lovely Malay island of Penang, a place full of golden beaches and warm waters. Three years ago she then decided to move to the busy capital Kuala Lumpur to taste some city life and join SELLBYTEL. Before that, the 38 year old collected valuable experiences in sales and even won several awards. In this interview Ming tells us all about her time with us in Kuala Lumpur.

Ming, what does your time with us look like so far?

I originally joined in 2013 as an Operations Manager for our client, an international software and hardware producer. In 2014 I finally became Head of the Project Management Office for our projects in Asia Pacific.

That sounds like a very broad role … What does it exactly consist of?

My job principally includes three things: I am responsible for the implementation of projects and leading them to success by meeting timelines and assuring highest customer satisfaction. I optimize our day to day processes and also act as a trouble shooter turning things around when they don’t work out as planned.

And what do you most like about your role?

I enjoy the direct support I give to my management every day in a way that really makes a difference. My management has always believed in me, which is why I want to develop my career further within SELLBYTEL. Besides, I just love the culture and work ethic here. Everyone is very open-minded and committed to success.

What would you say made you get the opportunity to progress?

I think it all comes down to my attitude and commitment. I share successes and I go the extra mile for both clients and colleagues. Plus, I have a very supportive manager. Last but not least, I always try to lead by example, just like "do unto others what you want them to do to you".

Have you encountered any challenges as well? If so, how do you deal with them?

Definitely. I always thrive to be an inspiration to my team and share the same vision. This can be pretty tricky at times. I try to define the right expectations and objectives, while providing the team with as much information as possible. I also encourage open discussion and consult frequently with my colleagues. Thus my goal is to make everyone feel integrated and empowered to achieve both their personal and business goals.

So what advice would you give to people looking for a comparable career with SELLBYTEL?

You have to be really proactive and take the initiative. Be independent and committed! Moreover, you should always aim for a double win with your team. The key thing to me is: strengthen your credibility and earn respect!

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time?

I try to make my weekends exciting. That means I often travel back to Penang to visit my family. I also enjoy going to the gym and treating myself to a little retail therapy sometimes.

Thanks a lot for the interesting talk and all the best for your career with us!

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Yin Ming-Fen

Head of Project Management Office

Phone +603 2787 5801