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“When you keep your word, you gain credibility”

Ying Ying Low
Chief Financial Officer APAC

Interview on 01. Februar 2019

"Don’t set limits on your unlimited potential”

Meet our friendly colleague Ying who was born and raised in the magnificent city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After obtaining the accounting certification from the Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Ying held several leading positions in the consulting and banking sectors. Thanks to years of profound experience in finance, external and internal audit, she worked as a Business Consultant with a multinational professional service provider in Kuala Lumpur before joining a leading banking group in Malaysia as Vice President. 

In this position, she was a pioneer for the quality team of Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring in the APAC region and led a team of more than 70 Quality Analysts in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Her dedication and assertiveness led to her promotion to Senior Vice President in the bank, before joining the SELLBYTEL Group as Finance Director for the APAC region. Find out more about Ying’s amazing career path in our latest success story. 

Ying, how has your time with us been like so far?

I joined SELLBYTEL in September 2016 as a Finance Director. The experience I gained in my previous professions have greatly helped me to integrate in the dynamic business environment at SELLBYTEL. Currently, my role has significantly broadened as I now have a wider landscape of responsibilities as the CFO for the APAC region. 

Working at SELLBYTEL is always exciting and challenging because no day is the same! It is indeed an amazing journey which motivates me to always do the right thing. I am driven by an inner believe that tells me “I can do it!” The path could have been harder, if it wasn’t for my supportive team especially the Managing Directors and Chief Financial Officers from Germany and Singapore.

Wow, that’s a fast development! So how exactly does your role look like?

As the CFO, I have to get the books right! (Smiles). My responsibilities include financial planning, analysis, operation and budget control, enhancement and execution of the pricing strategy to optimize revenue, ensuring no revenue leakage happens and the cost is kept at the optimal level. Having a role in finance no longer only means being good with numbers, it also means displaying a clear reflection of the numbers with what is going on in the business. I also analyze how to reduce the gaps and to improve the business profitability. My focus is on real value creation and in providing insights that help in making better decisions. 

And due tothe recent acquisition by Webhelp, I have been actively driving the transitioning activities in APAC by finding business solutions in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Korea, New Zealand and India; and also in setting up the new entities in Singapore, Australia and Philippines. Completing the exercise within a very short period of time has been challenging but we made it through! 

I am glad to have very supportive leaders and a good team. The flexibility, empowerment and gratitude I receive … all make me satisfied and happy to do my job!

What personal characteristics would you say have helped you to advance in your profession?

The dedication to honor the promises made. I always stay committed, determined and focused in achieving the goals entrusted on me. Being analytical and thorough in the way I approach things at work is important to me. I like an organized work environment and I am also creative in coming up with solutions for every challenge that I face. Even though I am at the senior management level, I still learn new things every day!  

Could you please give us an insight into your future goals and aspirations?

Striving to be on top of everything, I am focusing on being strategic in helping the business to mold the overall strategy and direction and to also instill a financial mind set and approach throughout the organization which will help others to perform better. 

It is good to get diverse experiences in the business as it enhances a robust understanding and knowledge of the marketplace. Perhaps I will get an insight into the Operations department or work in different locations within our company in order to experience different cultures and environments (Laughs). Such a career mobility builds the skills of interacting with different people and learning from different perspectives.

What is your advice for people who would like to pursue the same career?

Stretch yourself to do more and be positive in every situation. Tell yourself that you can do it and believe me, you will create the results that you want!Don’t forget thatteamwork is key! Set clear expectations and go for them. Coach and develop the people around you if you are in a leadership position. And no matter where you want to go, we need to honor the responsibilities assigned to us. When you do a good job, you create alternatives for yourself and open doors to new opportunities and paths!

And finally, how do you like to spend your free time outside work?

I am grateful for every moment I share with my family. We enjoy weekend shopping, watching movies, eating out and travelling. I also like to cook for them and am always happy when they enjoy my home-cooked meals. I am truly blessed to have my three children! When I am on my own, I like to pamper myself with a good spa/massage or listening to music which is a good way of releasing stress (Smiles).

Getting an insight into your career was very interesting. Thanks a lot Ying and all the best.

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Ying Ying Low

Chief Financial Officer APAC

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