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More than just a job.

Get off to a flying start. Careers with the SELLBYTEL Group.

Discover diversity, experience the passion for brands

The SELLBYTEL Group stands for diversity: in its corporate culture, with clients from a variety of industries, among its employees. This is what makes working for the SELLBYTEL Group so interesting. Whether performing a central function at headquarters, in sales, service or support, or – thanks to your foreign language skills – in one of the 45 languages in which we offer our services. There are many opportunities. All you have to do is seize them.

There are always exciting and challenging tasks awaiting our employees, simply due to the fact that we work for many of the top 500 brands – which we also live and breathe with passion. This is what makes us so successful. And creates win-win situations for everyone: our employees, clients and end customers.

Experience globality, share knowledge

Most of our clients operate globally. To be close to our clients, it is important for the SELLBYTEL Group to be present all over the world and for its employees to think internationally. This promotes and demands intercultural exchange. In order to help this process along, we are continuously developing programs of exchange and knowledge transfer and initiating schemes to share best practices. This benefits everyone: end customers, clients and employees.

Securing success, planning the future

In a sector like ours with a secure future, success needn’t be a matter of chance. Success can be planned, above all when you take advantage of the many development opportunities that the SELLBYTEL Group offers you: continuous training with 360° training courses, coaching sessions, courses for hard and soft skills, development programs for employees with leadership potential and management training courses. We support you and ensure that you are able to continue developing personally. For your own advantage and for that of clients and end customers.

SELLBYTEL honored by FOCUS Money

In times of social media and word-of-mouth marketing, an excellent reputation has become a decisive differentiator for businesses from all sectors and sizes. The SELLBYTEL Group has been honored a top spot in the category “Best Reputation” by FOCUS Money. With our score of 89,9 out of 100 points, we are ranked third out of 512 companies in the categories sustainability, management, employer, efficiency and product & service. This recently published study covers more than 5000 businesses from 50 sectors, of which over 500 were honored.

Plus, we are among the top 10 companies in the category “Top Career Opportunities”, another renowned FOCUS Money honor. With a score of 88,8 out of 100 points, we were just named an excellent employer in terms of career development within the area of consulting. We are among the ten best businesses out of a total of 2000 companies – of which more than 600 were honored – in the categories leadership culture, sustainability, career development, employer image and innovation. Both study results are based on the web monitoring tool WebAnalyzer.