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“Our flexibility and agility enables us to swiftly react to the needs of the customers and implement sustainable solutions”

Gabriel, Program Manager,







Starting point.

It was early 2012 when our client – a leading automobile manufacturer – appointed us to be in charge of their customer service department. Their main goal and concern was the proper management of the sensible aftersales cases of their customers. They were very precise in their request as follows:

“Our customers come first and we are looking for a capable partner who will promptly offer exceptional after sales services and through flexibility and proper management, deliver top-notch customer service solutions”.

As a highly specialized service provider, we were able to relate to our client’s demands. Without much hesitation, we welcomed this new challenge and immediately got to work. 

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A leading automobile manufacturer


14,000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



      • After Sales 
      • Customer Service
      • Back Office


      As the automobile industry becomes more complex so do the expectations of our customers.  At first, we didn’t have a high customer satisfaction (CSAT). Immediately, we knew something had to change! Our highly skilled service specialists were more process-oriented and realized that this doesn’t work all the time. Focusing on the customers’ satisfaction, they changed their mentality and approach through implementing flexible and custom-made strategies. This worked out to our advantage and the CSAT and customers’ feedback has been phenomenal.


      Our partnership with our client is six years strong and we are happy about our long-standing cooperation. Using the following three Cs as key elements of our success, we have been able to grant the satisfaction of both our client and their customers. 

      Competitive advantage 

      Our teams of experts are flexible and customer oriented. The main focus is to provide cutting-edge service solutions that cover the customers’ needs. Their commitment to our client’s brand and speed in customer response is a robust competitive advantage. 

      Customer retention

      Excellent customer service involves proactively going the extra mile to fulfill a customer’s request. Owing to their empathy, communication skills and active listening, our service specialists are result- oriented and always make sure that a customer’s problem is solved. By doing this, they build lasting relationships.

      Client loyalty

      Through the years of working together, we have invested time as well as effort into listening to our client’s needs and delivering our service to the best of our ability. This has led to mutual trust and a great relationship that guarantees our client’s loyalty. Recently they added a new project by entrusting us to handle cases regarding the new EU General Data Protection Rule (GDPR). Additionally, our client is looking into expanding their service profile with us – a 360-degree panel that will further enhance the customer journey. 

      The high level of customer satisfaction is established through

      To sum up.

      Ultimately, the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.  Thanks to the deep connection our service specialists have with our client’s customers, they exactly understand what the customers need and even exceed their expectations. Our client trusts our work and are well pleased with the results we deliver. They definitely made the right choice to partner with us. 

      “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. This is our driving force and our way of business. Unconditionally, we always focus on delivering first-class solutions”

      Gabriel, Program Manager, Barcelona

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