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“15% time saved for our client. And time is money, right?“

Susanne. Sales Assistant,







Starting position.

“Our sales department does everything. Apart from its own tasks.“

Reporting, preparing bids, following-up telephone calls: the sales department of an international communications corporation had so much to do with its administrative tasks that customer support and acquisition were left by the wayside. LIVINGBRANDS was commissioned to ease the burden on the sales staff and establish an inside sales assistance team.

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British telecommunications company


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:

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  • Sales Assistance


Customer management takes time. And this is precisely what the sales staff did not have. The new internal service team to be recruited had to succeed in taking the load off the field sales team and release them for other tasks. This meant that the new internal service professionals not only had to be recruited quickly but would have to become familiar with the client's extensive product portfolio just as quickly. This would then enable them to provide support for field sales in the long term.


Our customer was expecting that the support for sales would at least result in a constant level of service. We were able to come up with a surprise: because the service level improved – and measurably so. One further surprise was that field sales was able to significantly increase revenues by focusing on its actual tasks.

Easing the burden on field sales.

The sales assistants that we recruited complete their various tasks with an outstanding initial resolution rate: contract adaptations, invoice verification, making appointments, bid preparation, hardware orders and still more. The results soon became noticeable: with less pressure on them, the field sales staff suddenly had at least one hour a day more which they could dedicate to customer acquisition. Time that was clearly reflected in increased revenue.

Further expansion of the internal service.

Two years have passed since the start of our involvement. The number of sales assistance employees has since increased greatly. They now support several hundred field sales staff throughout Germany.


Successful reduction in load for field sales staff.

To sum up.

Thanks to the quality of the employees recruited, LIVINGBRANDS was able to convert what began with a test into a long and successful cooperation.
Our client’s sales benefit from the new efficient structures and increased revenue figures. And the verdict from the now unburdened field sales staff on their sales assistance colleagues – as recorded through the bank – is “excellent”.

“At first there was one assistant, now there are more than 50 of us. To be continued.“

Susanne. Sales Assistant, Duesseldorf.

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