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"Quality means doing it right all the time – that is how we ensure our credibility“

Melissa, Account Manager,







Starting point.

“Technical expertise, outstanding communication skills and a first-class customer support is what we are looking for” 

Our client, a globally leading manufacturer of automobiles, approached us with the above request five years ago. They were looking for a competent and reliable partner to help them with the 3rd level support of their customers. This meant handling delicate technical product-related inquiries as well as administrative inquiries such as payments, guarantees, repairs and press contacts.

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Globally leading manufacturer of automobiles


129,000 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:



3rd Level Support


Initially when our support specialists started, the average handling time was not thoroughly defined. They handled the cases quickly, with some inquiries needing pre-approval by our client before continuing to the next step. This was a challenge. Depending on the inquiry, some cases required additional time to be solved – and time was definitely of essence.  


Through our efficiency and reliability, we gained our client’s trust and managed to build a strong relationship. Over the years, we have increased our teams to up to four times the amount we started with, in order to keep up with the growing customer base and press inquiries that were received. The competence and hard work of our employees led to a significant reduction of the average handling time in four categories: 

  • The handling time for inquiries about onboard electronics such as lighting, displays or GPS, were reduced by 45%.
  • Dealership inquiries from our clients are now answered 20% faster
  • We also manage our client’s customers discretionary guarantee vouchers. This is an additional incentive to further enhance the customer journey experience and guarantee their satisfaction. The handling time of the courtesy claims was reduced by 25%.
  • Our technical specialists now process product related inquiries 25% faster than before. 

Significant handling time reduction

To sum up.

Ultimately, the trust we have achieved from our client has won us a bigger decision-making spectrum. Our support specialists are able to handle some of the inquiries promptly within the frame of their authority. This saves time and ensures a seamless customer service process. Our client’s customers are happy to receive quick and efficient feedback to their inquiries. It is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders that has seen some of our employees getting directly employed with our client. 

"We provide outstanding support solutions that ensure the customers’ inquiries are fully explored and accomplished." 

Melissa, Account Manager, Nürnberg

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