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Health Market Solutions

“An initial resolution rate of nearly 85%. That’s the best medicine for dissatisfied customers.”

Jenny. Service Employee with a Health Insurance Company,







Starting position.

“There are hotlines that make you ill. We want the opposite of that.“

In 2001, a German private health insurance company commissioned SELLBYTEL to set up and operate a telephone service center. This service was to provide highly motivated specialists who would deal with customer enquiries quickly and proficiently.

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Private health insurance


1,001 – 5,000



Listed company

Product portfolio:

Health Market Solutions


  • Insurance Customer Support


What is the best remedy for dealing with dissatisfied customers on service calls? The answer is straightforward: outstandingly trained, qualified employees who know all the answers and adopt a 100% customer-oriented approach. However, first, they must be recruited and trained. This must be done quickly, too, because the service had to be accessible by phone for the whole of Germany in only three months.


SELLBYTEL found and trained suitable employees in only three months. Now an extensive team of specialists is dealing with customer issues by phone for this private health insurance company. In matters of contract and service law, the professionals that we recruited manage to answer customer enquiries quickly and proficiently – and in most cases directly without having to forward the call.

Expertise is everything.

“Um, just wait a moment, I’ll just connect you.” When calling a service center, you’d prefer not to hear this sentence at all. Consequently, we believe the service center employees should be able to answer as many questions as possible without having to transfer the call. To manage this, the employees take part in regular training courses and sessions. This ensures that they are able to answer the callers’ questions at the highest possible level in terms of content and communicative skills.

Optimum easing of the load on back office.

More than 80%. After only a short while, this was the level of the initial resolution rate for all the enquiries entrusted to our service team employees. The callers are not the only ones who benefit from this, but also the colleagues in the back office, who are now able to dedicate themselves to and concentrate fully on their actual jobs. In another step, the service employees were incorporated into the insurance company’s customer relationship management system. This enables them to optimize their work even further and perform tasks such as sending documents, certificates and policies directly to the customers. In the meantime, the initial resolution rate has risen to almost 85% – and it’s staying there.

Even more success in sight.

As a reward, so to speak, for its excellent service, the telephone service has now received two more new responsibilities: welcoming new customers and recovering customers who have cancelled. These are tasks that we are very much looking forward to.

Optimized customer support and reduced load on back office due to high initial resolution rate

To sum up.

The success of the service telephone that we established was due to our experience in healthcare recruitment, knowledge and ongoing employee training courses. We were thus able to set up a service to give callers reliable and competent advice. As a result, efficiency in our client’s company was optimized due to the achieved maximum level of support.

“If you are ill, you don’t want a service-hotline that makes you sick.“

Jenny. Service Employee with Health Insurance Company, Nuremberg.

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