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“95% of the talents we recruited were direct hits. That’s not magic, that’s experience.“

Linda. Senior Account Manager HR,


Starting position.

“As is the case with a PC, the hardware and software has to be right for our sales staff.“

A multinational producer of software and hardware was planning to optimize its partner support. This was to be achieved by expanding inside sales. Subsequently, it was planned that the new employees to be recruited should be employed with the partners of the client after a twenty-four-month induction period. The new sales staff were then intended to act as competent points of contact for the client´s entire product portfolio.

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Multinational producer of software and hardware


10,001 +



Listed company

Product portfolio:

Human Resources


  • Manpower Provision
  • Onboarding


Our client’s expectations were high. This is because, in contrast to our client’s internal staff, the new employees to be recruited were expected to know the entire product portfolio inside out. In short, there was no time to lose.


Training came before success: specially developed assessment centers and ongoing progress monitoring enabled the recruiting professionals from RIGHTHEAD to identify suitable applicants. With maximum success: 95% of the candidates that we selected fulfilled our client’s revenue targets and were then appointed as sales staff with the partners.

Intensive Training Phase.

From experience we know that, in order to be accepted, external employees have to be at least twice as good as their internal counterparts. This is why the specialists from RIGHTHEAD paid maximum attention to sound training: the candidates underwent intensive preparation for their task in training courses and motivational interviews. And very successfully too: the employees that we recruited developed into the unit with the highest revenue within our client’s sales organization!

An assessment concept that becomes the standard.

Correct selection of applicants marks the beginning of success. For this reason, RIGHTHEAD had devised an innovative concept for assessment centers especially for the client. Incidentally, this concept is still being used by our client as a permanent part of its procedure for selecting internal employees.

The stages of the RIGHTHEAD assessment process.

To sum up.

Not just identifying the right personalities for a post but also providing optimum training and support is one of the core competencies of RIGHTHEAD. In order to satisfy our clients, we not only made use of all the innovative recruitment tools but also developed and personalized them precisely to match the needs of our client. And our client is still benefiting from this today.

“Our client demanded partner sales managers. That’s what they got from us. And they were absolute professionals, too.“

Linda. Senior Account Manager HR, Nuremberg.

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